Erdäpfel­salat (Aus­trian Po­tato Salad)

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Ditch the mayo for tangy, back­packer-friendly po­tato salad. Serves 3 to 4

1 lb. 2 tsp. 4 cups ¼ cup 3 Tbsp. 2 Tbsp. 1 tsp. 1 Tbsp.

Yukon Gold pota­toes su­gar wa­ter bouil­lon cube, beef or veg­etable fla­vored (enough for 2 cups broth) onion flakes olive oil ap­ple cider vine­gar ground mus­tard dried chives salt and pep­per, to taste

AT HOME ­Com­bine oil and vine­gar in a sealed con­tainer. Pack other in­gre­di­ents sep­a­rately.

IN CAMP ­Cut pota­toes in half length­wise and cut into ¼inch slices. Com­bine pota­toes, su­gar, wa­ter, bouil­lon cube, and onion flakes in a cov­ered pot and bring to a boil. Re­duce heat to low and sim­mer un­til pota­toes are ten­der, 10 to 15 min­utes.

Drain pota­toes and onion flakes, re­serv­ing ¼ cup of the cook­ing liq­uid. Mix oil, vine­gar, and ground mus­tard into re­served liq­uid. When pota­toes have cooled, add liq­uid mix­ture and stir to com­bine. Gar­nish with chives.

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