How To: Fix Your Fa­tigue and Get More En­ergy

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Ac­cord­ing to pa­tients at the Cen­ter for Restora­tive Medicine, a dis­cov­ery has com­pletely trans­formed their lives. Founder and Di­rec­tor Dr. Steven

Gundry is a world-renowned heart sur­geon, a best-sell­ing au­thor, and the per­sonal physi­cian to many celebri­ties. But his break­through could be the most im­por­tant ac­com­plish­ment of his ca­reer. Dr. Gundry has un­veiled a sim­ple — yet highly ef­fec­tive — so­lu­tion to is­sues that plague mil­lions of Amer­i­cans over 40: low en­ergy, low me­tab­o­lism and con­stant fa­tigue. “When you’re feel­ing low en­ergy, that’s your body scream­ing HELP!” Dr. Gundry’s rad­i­cal so­lu­tion was in­spired by a break­through with a “hope­less” pa­tient who had been mas­sively over­weight, chron­i­cally fa­tigued and suf­fer­ing from se­verely clogged ar­ter­ies.

The se­cret to his break­through? “There are key ‘mi­cronu­tri­ents’ miss­ing from your

diet,” Dr. Gundry said, “If you can re­plen­ish them in very high dosages, the re­sults can be as­ton­ish­ing.” This un­ortho­dox phi­los­o­phy is what led Dr. Gundry to cre­ate an at-home method for fa­tigue — which has since be­come re­mark­ably suc­cess­ful with his pa­tients. “They’re re­port­ing nat­u­ral, long-last­ing en­ergy with­out a ‘crash’ and they’re feel­ing slim, fit and ac­tive,” he re­vealed yes­ter­day. Dr. Gundry’s team re­leased a com­pre

hen­sive video pre­sen­ta­tion , so that the pub­lic can be ed­u­cated as to ex­actly how it works. Watch the pre­sen­ta­tion here at www.NewEn­ Within just a few hours, this video had got­ten thou­sands of hits, and is now con­sid­ered to have gone vi­ral. One viewer com­mented: “If this works, it’s ex­actly what I’ve been pray­ing for my whole life. I’ve never seen any­thing like this so­lu­tion be­fore… the truth about my diet was shock­ing and eye-open­ing.” It makes a lot of sense, and it sounds great in the­ory, but we’ll have to wait and see what the re­sults are. Know­ing Dr. Gundry, how­ever, there is a great deal of po­ten­tial. See his pre­sen­ta­tion here at www.NewEn­

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