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OUR TAKE Th­ese are the moun­tain-life equiv­a­lent of yoga pants. They’re func­tional (the knit polyester fab­ric wards off light pre­cip), they’re com­fort­able (the loosely spun ma­te­rial stretches to ac­co­mo­date high-step­ping through pow­der), and they’re ser­vice­able for both ath­letic and ur­ban en­deav­ors (one of our testers says the clean styling passed muster as daily wear for win­ter of­fice days—al­beit in Colorado). THE DE­TAILS The pants are lined with polyester fleece that features thou­sands of raised PU dots. The lin­ing pro­vides warmth—we wore the Right Bank in the low 20s with­out base­lay­ers—and the dots cre­ate chan­nels in the fab­ric for air­flow while also lift­ing sweat off of your skin and push­ing the mois­ture through the ma­te­rial. Re­al­ity check: The pants breathe well dur­ing av­er­age car­dio ac­tiv­i­ties, but high-en­ergy climbs in mod­er­ate teamps turned them into a sweaty mess. TRAIL CRED “I wore th­ese more than any other pant this win­ter,” one tester says. “On a trip to Crested Butte, Colorado, I used them as apr•s hut pants, on day­hikes, and for cross­coun­try ski­ing in a snow­storm. Plus, the stretch means they don’t bag out eas­ily.” $95; 4.9 oz. (m’s M); m’s 28- 42, w’s 0-16;

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