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OUR TAKE The Kin­a­balu En­duro hits the sweet spot be­tween weather re­sis­tance and breatha­bil­ity. Its one-piece mesh up­per has a TPU overlay, which re­sisted all but the most un­re­lent­ing mud and snow dur­ing one tester’s runs through the Wash­ing­ton Cas­cades. “In the Pa­cific North­west, a fully waterproof run­ner would just get too hot and sweaty, so the En­duro is perfect for win­ter con­di­tions when paired with a wool sock,” he says. “The mesh let any sweat or mois­ture that did make its way in­side es­cape rapidly.”

THE DE­TAILS The heel cup se­cured our tester’s foot even on steeps, pre­vent­ing hot spots. The fore­foot has enough vol­ume for toes to splay, but isn’t so large that it catches on rocky trails.

TRAIL CRED “The Vi­bram Me­ga­grip outsole per­formed liked a moun­tain goat hoof when I ran across rocks on wet, nasty days,” one Colorado tester says. “I also al­ways seem to get rocks in my shoes, and the En­duro’s close fit around the an­kle thwarted ev­ery peb­ble.” $150; 1 lb. 11 oz.; m’s 7-13, w’s 6-11;

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