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OUR TAKE The “Old Faith­ful” of avy packs gets an up­grade this year, mak­ing it both lighter and roomier. The big­gest changes come in its in­ter­nal sys­tem: a more ef­fi­cient ejec­tor and 300 more psi in the cylin­der, both of which are smaller than in pre­vi­ous it­er­a­tions. The full can­is­ter setup now fits in­side the lunch­box-size airbag com­part­ment, in­creas­ing space in the pack­bag for lay­ers, tools, and wa­ter. (Note: The new sys­tem is also avail­able in a 17-liter pack.) The pack has a clamshell de­sign with a sin­gle open­ing (an in­ter­nal di­vider sep­a­rates your avy tools), and al­lows for di­ag­o­nal ski carry.

TRAIL CRED “I’ve been us­ing the Float 32 for years, and I can fit just about the same amount of gear into the new Float 27 Speed,” a Colorado tester says. “It’s a bit small for moun­taineer­ing, but I’m able to carry wa­ter, an ex­tra layer, some snacks, a shovel, and a probe if I strap my hel­met to the out­side clips.” $630 (pack), $200 (cylin­der); 5 lbs. 11 oz. (with full cylin­der); back­coun­try­ac­

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