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OUR TAKE In an avalanche, any equip­ment ad­van­tage is a good one, which is why our testers lauded the re­ceiv­ing range of the Barryvox S. At 70 me­ters, it cov­ers a wider area than any other trans­ceiver in its class. Most other bea­cons that de­liver this per­for­mance are pro­fes­sional-grade, but the Barryvox S is recre­ation­ist­friendly: It has a smart fea­ture that essen­tially coaches the user through a search (where to go along the grid pat­tern and, even­tu­ally, “probe here”). While we never used the Barryvox S in an emer­gency sit­u­a­tion, we ap­pre­ci­ate that it pro­vides clear di­rec­tion in what would likely be a chaotic res­cue ef­fort. (Of course, don’t mis­take this bea­con as a sub­sti­tute for proper train­ing.) The unit op­er­ates on three AAA bat­ter­ies, and Mammut says it can last at least 300 hours on send mode. Bonus: You can read the back­lit screen while wear­ing po­lar­ized shades.

TRAIL CRED “This bea­con is ex­tremely fast,” says one tester who took the Barryvox S on a side­coun­try tour around Soli­tude Moun­tain in Utah. “It en­abled me to move quicker through bea­con drills be­cause it never had to stop to ‘ think’ or load. The pro­cesses are in­stant.” $490; 7.2 oz.;

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