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OUR TAKE No mat­ter the coat­ing, gog­gles in­evitably fog when warm, moist air in­side con­denses against the cooler lens. The only way to truly ban­ish cloudy lenses is me­chan­i­cally—in ABOM’s case, via an in­ter­nal de­froster, like a car. The HEETs use a trans­par­ent, elec­tron­i­cally heated film in­side the twopart lens. When you turn the HEETs on, the recharge­able bat­tery warms the lens. The tech it­self isn’t new (Oak­ley has some­thing sim­i­lar in its PRIZM In­ferno), but the HEETs do it best: A new mois­ture sen­sor au­to­mat­i­cally pow­ers the gog­gle down when it de­tects dry lenses, con­serv­ing bat­tery and sav­ing you an­other step. (Ex­pect five to 10 hours of use be­tween charges.) Bonus: The HEETs are lower pro­file than pre­vi­ous it­er­a­tions from ABOM (and 1.5 ounces lighter), and avail­able in nine in­ter­change­able lenses.

TRAIL CRED “No mat­ter how hard I worked—I even toured up­hill wear­ing the HEETs for the sake of sci­ence—or what the con­di­tions were like, I couldn’t fog them,” one tester says. “The sen­sor seemed to no­tice chang­ing con­di­tions be­fore I did, pow­er­ing down when the out­side temp rose.” Start­ing at $279; 6.7 oz.; abom.com

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