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OUR TAKE Bar­gain women’s gear is usu­ally an oxy­moron—qual­ity de­sign and ma­te­ri­als aren’t cheap—but con­sider the Facet an ex­cep­tion. For $130, you get a top-tier VIVID lens by ZEISS, comfy triple-layer perime­ter foam, and a fleece fac­ing that made the Facets feel as com­fort­able as gog­gles twice the price. The medium-size frame fit ev­ery one of our fe­male testers, and the low-pro­file shape sat flush against each hel­met we paired it with. It comes stan­dard with one lens (choose from an ar­ray of tints), though you can swap it out for an­other. We liked the turquoise, mir­rored Lo­den Dy­nasty lens (16 per­cent light trans­mis­sion) for most con­di­tions.

TRAIL CRED “They stay propped on my face and don’t pres­sure the bridge of my nose, even when I’m wear­ing a hel­met,” one tester says. “Add the clar­ity, which let me see ter­rain well enough on flat-light tours, and I don’t see a rea­son to drop more coin on a piece of equip­ment that I’m in­evitably go­ing to scratch in a fall or in my pack.” $130; 4.9 oz.;

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