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OUR TAKE If you’re prone to blis­ters, you’ve prob­a­bly tried sock lin­ers to re­duce hot spotin­duc­ing fric­tion. Injinji takes that stat­egy to the next level with in­di­vid­ual toe com­part­ments in its liner. Paired with the sep­a­rate (but sold to­gether) merino/acrylic Hiker, which is slightly more spa­cious than av­er­age, the Liner kept even ten­der-footed testers blis­ter-free. The mid­weight Hiker kept our feet warm on hikes in the teens, and the polyester Liner, made with grooved threads meant to speed wick­ing, meant dry feet dur­ing warmer ex­cur­sions. The combo never bunched up or cre­ated rub­bing points, but it might be a bit too bulky for nar­row boots.

TRAIL CRED “When we hit a stretch of snowfree trail on a late-spring back­pack around Mt. St. He­lens, I took off the Hiker and wore just the sur­pris­ingly durable Liner as a warm

weather sock,” our tester says. $27; 4.3 oz. (m’s M); m’s XS-L, w’s S-XL;

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