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What Swivel hips from side to side in a prone po­si­tion.

Why Lu­bri­cate and stretch soft tis­sue around the spine and im­prove ro­ta­tional flex­i­bil­ity to help pre­vent in­jury.

SETS 3 each side DU­RA­TION 3 breaths REST 2 breaths

1 Lie on your back with your knees up, heels hip­width apart, and shins per­pen­dic­u­lar to the floor.

2 Ex­hale as you lower your bent knees to the right, un­til

the right knee rests on the ground.

3 Hold for three breaths. On the fourth in­hale, bring knees to cen­ter. Re­peat on the left side.

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