Four Ways to Bake

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Use a twiggy fire.

Build a small fire on the lid to cre­ate con­vec­tion heat, and ro­tate the pot on your stove to min­i­mize burn­ing. Con: black­ened cook­ware.

Steam bake.

Fol­low the au­thor’s steps (you can use a mug for bat­ter in­stead of a foil cup). Check ev­ery 5 to 10 min­utes with a tooth­pick: If the wood comes out clean, the bat­ter’s cooked. You’ll never get a crisp outer crust, but it’s tough to burn any­thing this way.

Pan fry.

This one’s good for sturdy bread and sheet cakes. El­e­vate the pot about 3 inches over the flame by set­ting it on top of your wind screen, or off­set the pan by rest­ing one edge on a rock. Ro­tate a quar­ter-turn ev­ery 2 to 3 min­utes. Flip food half­way through if nec­es­sary (flour­ing the pan first will make flip­ping eas­ier).

Cook in coals.

Let a camp­fire burn low (about an hour). Wrap food (bat­ter in an orange rind, veggies, or meat) in foil and bury it in the coals. Turn ev­ery 5 min­utes to en­sure even bak­ing.

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