Dodge The bolts!

Backpacker - - The Survival Issue -

When peak­bag­ging in July, when should you be be­low tree­line? A) Noon B) 2 p.m. C) 4 p.m.

A: Set a hard turn­around time; 90 per­cent of light­ning fa­tal­i­ties oc­cur be­tween June and Septem­ber.

Five sec­onds elapse be­tween the flash of light­ning and the sound of thun­der. How far off is the storm? A) 5 miles B) 2 miles C) 1 mile

C: Time to take shel­ter in a ditch or ravine or in a wooded area. Avoid bod­ies of wa­ter, caves, lone trees, and small, iso­lated groves.

Best group strat­egy in a storm? A) stick to­gether B) spread out

B: Dis­perse to re­duce the risk of get­ting struck en masse.

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