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1. Tie on a bear bell and you’re good.

2. Bears are slow.

3. Bears are skit­tish.

4. If the bear charges, you’re S.O.L.

1. FALSE. No study sup­ports this feel-good mea­sure. Talk loudly as you hike to alert nearby bru­ins.

2. FALSE. A bear can run 30 mph. Can you? Slowly back away, and speak in a calm, mono­tone voice to es­tab­lish that you’re a hu­man, not a threat. 3. TRUE. If the bear ap­proaches (even af­ter a calm talk­ing-to), yell, wave your arms, and stand to­gether if you’re in a group.

4. FALSE. If the bear pre­cedes the charge with huff­ing, hop­ping, or jaw pop­ping, it’s likely a bluff; stand your ground. Not sure? Play dead (lay belly down; pro­tect your neck with your hands). If the bear turns preda­tory, it’s time to de­fend your­self (see right).

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