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Mil­wau­kee-Eight Screamin’ Ea­gle Air Cleaner

As you know, 2017 brought a new en­gine to the Har­ley-David­son Tour­ing lineup, the Mil­wau­kee-Eight. The sin­gle­cam, four-valve-per-head en­gine is a beau­ti­fully de­signed plat­form that makes us for­get about the beloved Twin Cam en­gine, which we adored. Chang­ing up from its past re­leases, Har­ley-David­son re­leased its en­gine up­grade kits, stages one through three, at the same time as the bike, mak­ing it im­me­di­ately upgrad­able. Then in Jan­uary, stage four was re­leased.

We de­cided to in­stall a Stage 1 kit on our bor­rowed 2017 Road King. Still wait­ing for the muf­flers to ar­rive, we de­cided to go ahead and slap on the air cleaner. We went with the Screamin’ Ea­gle Heavy Breather Per­for­mance Air Cleaner (part #29400263, $399.95). The look of the stubby fil­ter in the heavy-breather plat­form is re­ally rad and flows well with the rest of the bike. In­stalling a new air cleaner is one of the eas­ier per­for­mance up­grades pos­si­ble to do your­self with only a few sim­ple tools. Fol­low along with us as we help this ’17 FLHR breathe bet­ter with a Screamin’ Ea­gle Heavy Breather Air Cleaner up­grade.

Our shiny, new Heavy Breather Air Cleaner ready to help our Mil­wau­kee-Eight breathe deeper!

This was our start­ing point for this in­stall, with the stock air cleaner re­moved. We started off by in­stalling the new gas­ket onto the throt­tle-body face.

With the gas­ket in place on the throt­tle body, we at­tached the back plate to the cover as­sem­bly us­ing the three sup­plied self-tap­ping screws.

With the cover as­sem­bly at­tached to the back plate we went ahead and started the two breather bolts by hand se­cur­ing the as­sem­bly to the en­gine. (Do not tighten the breather bolts down all the way at this time.)

With the two breather bolts started by hand, we then in­stalled the three bolts to se­cure the back plate to the throt­tle body. Once the three bolts were tight­ened down, we went ahead and tight­ened down the two breather bolts com­pletely.

With the back plate com­pletely tight­ened down to the heads and the throt­tle body, we then in­stalled the bend and fil­ter el­e­ment to the back plate as­sem­bly us­ing the sup­plied three bolts. Once the bend was tight­ened all the way down to the back plate, we tight­ened the air fil­ter worm clamp to the bend.

And with only a few ba­sic steps we had our new Screamin’ Ea­gle Heavy Breather Air Cleaner on our Road King ready to pull in more air.

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