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Re­plac­ing Clogged Fuel In­jec­tors

Fuel, it’s what brings your en­gine to life. It also will screw you over if you ne­glect it. We had an ’09 Har­ley­David­son Road King for a project for the past year and a half, and we have been go­ing through and re­plac­ing all the things that had de­cayed as the bike sat for three years. We be­gan with all the guts in the tank: the pump, lines, float, and fil­ter. We then dis­cov­ered a faulty check valve and re­placed that as well.

That took care of the fuel sys­tem mi­nus the all-im­por­tant fuel in­jec­tors. First we tried run­ning a few fuel treat­ments through the sys­tem to clear out the semi-clogged in­jec­tors but to no avail. We even­tu­ally had no choice but to pur­chase a new set of in­jec­tors. We went with the same set that were al­ready in the bike, which were the Screamin’ Ea­gle Pro High-Flows (part #27796-08; $130). Be­ing al­ready tuned with them, we didn’t want to change them out for a dif­fer­ent brand. And with the fi­nal piece to the fuel sys­tem’s puzzle, we had our bike back to­gether and bet­ter than ever.

Fol­low along as we in­stall the new fuel in­jec­tors on our 2009 Road King project.

Our bright and shiny new Screamin’ Ea­gle fuel in­jec­tors ea­gerly await­ing their in­stall.

With the in­jec­tor’s con­nec­tors re­moved we turned our at­ten­tion to the other side of the throt­tle body and took off the fuel line by re­mov­ing the sin­gle Torx bolt hold­ing the fuel line unit to the throt­tle body.

With the tank al­ready re­moved from a pre­vi­ous in­stall, here was our start­ing point for re­plac­ing our clogged in­jec­tors. Bit of a rat’s nest, wouldn’t ya say?

First things first we lo­cated the two con­nec­tors at­tached to the in­jec­tors and re­moved them.

And just like that it was as if noth­ing ever hap­pened—well, at least to the naked eye, but we know bet­ter.

With the in­jec­tor ports of the throt­tle body clean we slid the new in­jec­tors into the fuel line and then into the throt­tle body. And with that we just re­versed our pre­vi­ous steps from the be­gin­ning by in­stalling the fuel line clamp to the throt­tle body and re­in­stalling the in­jec­tor con­nec­tors.

Af­ter tak­ing the in­jec­tors out of the throt­tle body we went in and cleaned the ports with a Q-tip to re­move the dirt and grime caked around the ports. Pretty gross, huh?

With the fuel line re­moved we had our old in­jec­tors com­pletely ex­posed and ready to be pulled out and dis­carded.

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