Lubri­cat­ing pins, springs, and hinges

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SI­LENCE THE SQUEAKS Lubri­cat­ing Pins, Springs, and Hinges

As your bag­ger gets up there in miles and years, things start to nat­u­rally wear out. In cer­tain ar­eas when this hap­pens, squeaks and squeals can be­come a nui­sance. I, my­self, can­not stand these squeaks. One of the most com­mon ar­eas is the pas­sen­ger floor­board that works on two re­tain­ing pins and a ball bear­ing. These get dried out over time and pos­si­bly a bit rusty. Once you get the dreaded squeak when you fold the board down, it is time to hit it with some lu­bri­cant. An­other hor­ri­bly ob­nox­ious area is the kick­stand. That spring can start to make un­godly sounds when ex­tended and re­tracted. The other area I like to keep my eye on is the clutch ca­ble—more specif­i­cally where the eyelet is in­stalled into the clutch hand-con­trol perch.

There re­ally isn’t an ex­act time frame or mileage that this needs to be done— ev­ery­one’s cir­cum­stances are dif­fer­ent. Some­one who lives closer to the ocean would have to do this more of­ten and sooner than some­one in the desert who keeps his or her bike in the garage. The type of lu­bri­cant is truly up to you; I like to use the Inox MX3 lu­bri­cant be­cause it comes with an in­jec­tor nee­dle for pin­point ac­cu­racy when ap­ply­ing.

It may be a bit of com­mon sense, but fol­low along as we kill the squeaks on our H-D bag­ger with some Inox MX3 lu­bri­cant.

Inox MX3 lu­bri­cant with an in­jec­tor nee­dle costs on av­er­age $10. Af­ter the bear­ing was lubed we hit the pins on both sides, a drop on each.

Then we went down to the kick­stand. We dropped a few drops on the spring it­self as well as the spring hooks that loop through the kick­stand. You can also drop some drops down the shaft of the kick­stand to make for a smooth ac­tion. 3

We de­cided to start on the pas­sen­ger floor­boards. We first lu­bri­cated the ball bear­ing in the mid­dle of the floor­board—just a drop will do.

Lastly we hit the clutch perch area. This is why we like the nee­dle ap­pli­ca­tor; it makes it so you don’t have to dis­as­sem­ble the clutch ca­ble from perch to lu­bri­cate the plas­tic re­tain­ing pin. 4

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