Dave Dupor’s Golden Calf is a Speed De­mon


Dave Dupor’s Golden Calf Is A Speed De­mon

There are a lot of builders who love them­selves some skulls and Gothic im­agery on a bike. Dave Dupor isn’t one of them. The tal­ented builder be­hind DD Cus­tom Cy­cle likes those things, just not on his per­sonal ride. He’s more about Euro­pean sports cars than Euro­pean cathe­drals. It shouldn’t come as a great shock that he’d bring the Euro racer feel to what was once a 2009 Ul­tra and which is now a hot cus­tom job drip­ping Pagan Gold col­oriza­tion on it. The bag­ger looks and feels fast, which is good be­cause that was his goal for the project.

The bike had 44,000 miles un­der its wheels when he got his mitts on it. Once Dave got started, he moved light­ning quick to get the job done. It was torn down to the bare bones in less than two days.

The en­tire bike has been re­built from the ground up with zero miles, all-new parts, bear­ings, seals, and hard­ware (all coated black through­out). Even the fin­ish was done on the quick.

Time’s mer­ci­less march hounded him the whole way—not be­cause Dave was build­ing it for a cus­tomer full of caf­feine and im­pa­tient but be­cause of tim­ing.

“I never build a bike just to sell it,” Dave says. “But I wanted to make a re­ally nice bag­ger for the 2017 show sea­son, and I wanted to use my 120R mo­tor that I had won for the IMS Grand Cham­pion award in 2016. My good friend Cory Ness was gen­er­ous enough to pro­vide me a great deal on all the 10-gauge se­ries cov­ers, levers, mo­tor cov­ers, et cetera. You can see the en­tire line on this build—the de­tails are all over.”

In­spi­ra­tion to cre­ate this beauty as a show­bike hit him right be­fore show sea­son started. If he was go­ing to be ready in time, he had to get a move on. Dave gave CPV a scant 12 days for mold­ing and paint. As you can tell, it came out per­fectly.

“That mo­tor sat around my shop for a year,” he says. “I used it here in a donor bike where I re­placed all the parts on the mo­tor­cy­cle.”

Dave wanted to build a re­ally clas­sy­look­ing hot rod-in­spired bike with a huge mo­tor and looks that will never phase out. He likes his bikes to fol­low the “less is more” ap­proach, and ev­ery­thing is in the de­tails; the fit and flow of the over­all de­sign is huge for him.

“The bike has to flow from front to back and look pro­por­tion­ate,” he says.

The 120-inch mo­tor gives Dave’s

Street Glide racer power but not racer looks. He got the aes­thet­ics down with a com­bi­na­tion of spoked wheels rem­i­nis­cent of those on a high-end sports car, bags with screens on the sides akin to the fend­ers of a ZR1, and the clean lines he brought to it through­out the pro­file in the fair­ing and fend­ers.

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