Vic­tori­nox Swis­sTool Spirit X


I’m like a moth to the flame when it comes to multi-tools and ev­ery­day carry (EDC) gear. My girl­friend used to think it was hi­lar­i­ous to call me In­spec­tor Gad­get; now she just hums the theme song when­ever I whip out a pen stored in the back of my phone case or an Allen key from my key­chain. I’ve tried all sorts of these fancy things, and to put it sim­ply, the Vic­tori­nox Swis­sTool Spirit X is the best shit ever.

Hav­ing used sim­i­lar tools from other brands, the first thing I no­ticed on the Vic­tori­nox was how smooth all of the ac­tions were. There was no “squeeze point,” like many of the other brands had, where the tool would be hard to open or close at a cer­tain po­si­tion. When you have a Leather­man open, it’ll sort of lock it­self in the open po­si­tion with fric­tion and take a good amount of force to close; it’s rough and in­con­sis­tent.

It’s like cut­ting with a dull knife. The smooth ac­tion on the plier on this tool is re­li­able and much eas­ier to use.

Ap­pear­ance wise, the Swis­sTool is sleek and classy. Made en­tirely of stain­less, the Spirit X has a pol­ished smooth fin­ish that’s nice look­ing and feels good in the hand. The smaller tools in the han­dle lock with a small springloaded re­lease that’s eas­ily ac­tu­ated with one hand while clos­ing the tool. The han­dles have a slight con­tour to them, which makes them fit the hand nicely both open and closed.

The Swis­sTool Spirit X houses 24 dif­fer­ent tools, in­clud­ing wire cut­ters, pli­ers, screw­drivers, saw, and file. I have found my­self us­ing this tool for ev­ery­thing from rig­ging up a gas cap out of an old soda can af­ter mine fell off on the road to crack­ing open a can of hol­landaise so the ladies can make their eggs bene­dict on a camp­ing trip (I know—they have it rough). The range of uses I have found for this tool is remarkable, and I find my­self reach­ing for it at least 10 times a day.

Aside from the range of tools, ease of carry is a huge part of what you keep on your per­son. Red Clouds Col­lec­tive’s Multi-tool Sheath is a bit of a lux­ury item at $60, but with the amount of use and abuse it gets, it’s worth it. Car­ry­ing the 4-inch tool ver­ti­cally on my belt with the pro­vided sheath, it would con­stantly catch my T-shirt and just be sort of an an­noy­ing pro­tu­ber­ance. The Red Clouds sheath lets you carry the tool hor­i­zon­tally, keep­ing it snug up against your belt and mak­ing for an easy draw, pulling the tool out for­ward. The sin­gle brass snap is also much nicer to use than the Vel­cro of the pro­vided pouch, in my opin­ion.

Swiss Army was the first name I knew in multi-tools as a kid, and it’s great to see the com­pany is still at the top of the game. The only time this tool leaves my side is when it’s go­ing into my checked bag­gage for a flight. Smooth, classy look­ing, ver­sa­tile, and re­li­able— the Swis­sTool Spirit X re­ally is the best shit ever.

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