Mulch vol­ca­noes are not nat­u­ral

Some steps you can take to pre­vent weeds from tak­ing over your lawn in spring

Baltimore Sun Sunday - - REAL ESTATE - By Ellen Nibali

Corn gluten has not proven to be a very ef­fec­tive pre-emer­gent and re­quires sev­eral years of ap­pli­ca­tion to build up ef­fec­tive­ness. Then it be­comes a prob­lem if you need to over­seed your turf. It also re­leases ni­tro­gen, which makes it a fer­til­izer and must be counted in your fer­til­izer quota for the year. Ap­plied at la­beled rates, it can ex­ceed the amount of ni­tro­gen per­mit­ted in Mary­land. A sim­ple ap­proach to weed preven­tion is to use thick turf to crowd out weeds and shade out weed seed ger­mi­na­tion. 1. Mow high. 2. Never mow dur­ing drought. 3. Fer­til­ize ev­ery year in the fall. 4. You can also do a soil test ev­ery three to four years and ad­just pH with lime if needed. 5. Over­seed in early fall when nec­es­sary.


Mulch vol­ca­noes, with the mulch be­ing the vol­cano and the tree be­ing a ver­ti­cal col­umn of lava, are not what na­ture in­tended.

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