Lady Gaga: ‘Il­lu­sion’ not about Kin­ney

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Lady Gaga isn’t one to beat around the bush, so when she was a guest on “Ra­dio Andy” on Mon­day, she de­cided to bring up “the ele­phant in the room” right away.

That ele­phant, of course, is the ques­tion of whether her new sin­gle, “Per­fect Il­lu­sion,” is writ­ten about her ex-fi­ance, Tay­lor Kin­ney. Speak­ing to Andy Co­hen on his Sir­ius XM ra­dio show, Gaga posed the ques­tion her­self: “… like, is it about Tay­lor, is what ev­ery­one’s won­der­ing?”

She an­swered it, say­ing, “I love Tay­lor so much. This song is not a hit out against Tay­lor. He’s my best friend.”

So who is “Per­fect Il­lu­sion” about? “This song is just about not only feel­ings I’ve had, but that he’s had, my friends have had, that my sis­ter has and her re­la­tion­ship,” Gaga said. “It’s a record about all of us. … I would never use my song or wanna use the pub­lic to hurt any­one that I love so much.”

Gaga re­al­izes not ev­ery­one can re­ally pic­ture her as just an­other per­son in a re­la­tion­ship deal­ing with the reg­u­lar ups and downs we all do. That’s why, she told “Elvis Du­ran and The Morn­ing Show,” she’s been “fig­ur­ing out how can I make a record that con­nects to peo­ple on a hu­man level who maybe think that there’s no way that I could ever re­late to some­thing that Lady Gaga feels about life or what she goes through or what her day is like.”


Lady Gaga says her new sin­gle, “Per­fect Il­lu­sion,” is not writ­ten about ex-fi­ancee Tay­lor Kin­ney. “I love Tay­lor so much. This song is not a hit out against Tay­lor.”

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