Politi­cians take care of them­selves, not the pub­lic

Baltimore Sun - - FROM PAGE ONE - Michael But­tner, Bel Air

With the ter­ri­ble train wreck Fri­day, we learn that the au­to­matic brak­ing sys­tem that was sup­posed to be ap­plied by now to our trains has been post­poned be­cause there is no money for it (“Com­muter train crashes at busy New Jersey sta­tion: 1 dead, 108 in­jured,” Sept. 30). This shows the pri­or­i­ties of our politi­cians. There is money for so­lar com­pa­nies that fail, money for il­le­gal aliens, money for pro­grams like the “War on Poverty” and the “War on Drugs” and the Oba­macare health in­sur­ance give­away that we were lied to about. There is money for raises for mem­bers of Con­gress and for those who gave money to their cam­paigns, but no money for our mil­i­tary who have to scav­enge for re­pair parts. There is money for their spe­cial health care sys­tem and their high-priced re­tire­ment when the re­tire­ments of first re­spon­ders, teach­ers and cit­i­zens are cut short. There is money for buy­ing votes with prom­ises of free col­lege, free phones, free, free, free.

What­ever ben­e­fits them, out fear­less lead­ers have money for. But what they were elected to take care of — our roads, our mil­i­tary’s pre­pared­ness, our wa­ter, our sew­ers, etc. — they have no money for at all. In the face of years of ig­nor­ing their re­spon­si­bil­i­ties, ly­ing to us and tak­ing care only of them­selves and their friends, it is in­san­ity to keep vot­ing for th­ese blood­suck­ers. Don­ald Trump, a non-politi­cian, is at least right about one thing: It is time to elect those who will do their jobs and take care of their fel­low cit­i­zens first.

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