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Do your own thing. Be a lit­tle self­ish and fo­cus on the ac­tiv­i­ties and goals that you want to rather than on what is ex­pected of you. You can ac­com­plish a great deal if you are off on your own with­out med­dling and in­ter­fer­ence from oth­ers.

Don’t overdo it. Oth­ers may think it strange or in­sin­cere if you pile on too many com­pli­ments or are overly gra­cious. It may be less time-con­sum­ing just to han­dle things your­self than to rely on sev­eral fa­vors from sev­eral peo­ple.

In­tu­itions are on the mark. You are able to act quickly and de­ci­sively if you sim­ply fol­low your in­stincts and do what feels right. If you sense that a friend or loved one may have a prob­lem, don’t hes­i­tate to find out.

The truth can be bru­tal. Hon­esty is the best pol­icy, but you can spare some­one’s feel­ings if you keep hurt­ful facts to your­self. You may want to hold off on sign­ing on the dot­ted line, as con­di­tions may soon change.

A prom­ise is only words un­less it is kept. Some­one will show their true col­ors by com­ing through for you, re­veal­ing that you have a valu­able friend. Chas­ing af­ter your heart’s de­sire may lead you to in­ter­est­ing places.

Keep your en­e­mies closer. Get to know those who are at the other end of the ne­go­ti­at­ing ta­ble. You may gather key in­for­ma­tion that can help you gain the up­per hand. Im­pose a max­i­mum when shop­ping for gifts,

You can’t please every­body. Kind words that brighten one per­son’s day may make some­one else think that you are suck­ing up or greas­ing the wheels. Keep in mind that you have no obli­ga­tion to ex­plain your in­ten­tions to any­one.

Be mind­ful of the com­pany you keep. If you drift into un­fa­mil­iar ter­ri­tory, you may soon dis­cover that you have grav­i­tated to­ward the wrong crowd. To stay on top of things stick to peo­ple and places that you know.

Take noth­ing for granted. If you rely on oth­ers to lend you a few dol­lars or grant you a fa­vor, you may end up be­ing dis­ap­pointed. Don’t as­sume that you know what a loved one is think­ing as you may be way off the mark.

It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. While the re­sults may not be what you wanted, it’s the way that you worked at it that will earn re­wards. Avoid im­pul­sive pur­chases as you’ll likely re­gret it later.

Think out­side the box. A prob­lem may be nearly im­pos­si­ble to solve by con­ven­tional think­ing. A more cre­ative ap­proach can save the day. Jot down ideas, as there may be a time in the fu­ture when you can act on them.

Make the world go away. You may find that you are in no mood to deal with other peo­ple’s is­sues and prob­lems. It may be in your best in­ter­est to find a nice quiet place where you can con­cen­trate on what is im­por­tant. You may have plenty of get-up-and-go but nowhere to travel in the next three to four weeks. Avoid mak­ing false starts. You will get your chance to shine in De­cem­ber and Jan­uary. That is when your judg­ment is at its best and when you can put plans and ideas into mo­tion that will ben­e­fit you for years to come. Em­brace any op­por­tu­nity for im­prove­ment and it might grow into some­thing sub­stan­tial. Jan­uary is the best time to ad­dress health mat­ters. It is also an ex­cel­lent time to make key de­ci­sions that will add to your gen­eral con­tent­ment and have a per­ma­nent ef­fect.

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