A ‘sad day in Amer­ica’

All in­di­ca­tions sug­gest that the pres­i­den­tial elec­tion was rigged — in Trump’s fa­vor

Baltimore Sun - - COM­MEN­TARY - By Ken­neth Buck Ken­neth Buck is a re­tired fed­eral law en­force­ment of­fi­cer. His email is kp­buck@ver­i­zon.net.

The first news I saw yes­ter­day, the day after the elec­tion, was of Vladimir Putin and the Rus­sian Par­lia­ment ap­plaud­ing the Trump vic­tory. They should: With­out the help of Mr. Putin, Rus­sian in­tel­li­gence and Wik­iLeaks steal­ing Demo­cratic lead­ers’ e-mails — which were cer­tainly less ex­plo­sive than what you would have found in the Repub­li­can Party — and leak­ing them through­out the elec­tion cy­cle with the sup­port and en­cour­age­ment of Repub­li­can lead­ers, Mr. Trump might not have won.

And let’s not for­get the im­proper dis­clo­sures of the FBI and its di­rec­tor — the “Oc­to­ber sur­prise” de­tail­ing yet an­other un­sup­ported in­ves­ti­ga­tion that closed less than two days be­fore the elec­tion, chang­ing the dy­namic. By my count that is more than 30 in­ves­ti­ga­tions in­sti­gated by the con­ser­va­tive right on the Clin­tons in the last 25 years re­sult­ing in ex­actly zero con­vic­tions. I guess the old adage “if you sling enough mud, some will stick” is true. I call that char­ac­ter as­sas­si­na­tion.

And what about Rudy Gi­u­liani and Brett Bier of Fox News claim­ing to have in­for­ma­tion from in­side the FBI that the Clin­tons were go­ing to be in­dicted in the next few days on fraud con­cern­ing their foun­da­tion? That also hap­pened just days be­fore the elec­tion. Mr. Beir later con­ceded “in­dict­ment” might be too strong a term, but still left the stain to do its work on the elec­tion.

And then there is the en­dorse­ment from the KKK and promise from anti-gov­ern­ment mili­tias that they would be go­ing to polling sites to en­sure the elec­tion was not rigged. Voter in­tim­i­da­tion?

And what of the Repub­li­can can­di­date him­self? What do we know about Mr. Trump?

We know he wants to cut taxes for the rich, al­though he can’t help him­self there be­cause he pays no tax.

We know he bragged about sex­u­ally as­sault­ing women, then threat­ened to sue those who came for­ward to con­firm his state­ments.

We know noth­ing of his busi­ness con­nec­tions to Rus­sia and Third World dic­ta­tors be­cause he hasn’t re­leased in­for­ma­tion on all his busi­ness en­ter­prises. We do know he can’t put his busi­nesses in a blind trust be­cause they all have his brand name on them; so how is that go­ing to work?

We know he threat­ened to jail his op­po­nent if elected and re­peat­edly called her a liar, the most cor­rupt per­son to ever run for pres­i­dent, the devil and much­more.

We know he wants to build a wall be­tween Mex­ico and the U.S. and make Mex­ico pay for it. Good luck on that one.

We know he wants to ban Mus­lims from the U.S. and start surveilling mosques.

He sug­gests he won’t sup­port NATO al­lies that don’t have their dues paid up, and that South Korea and Ja­pan should start pay­ing for their own de­fense. And he plans to tear up our trade agree­ments with the rest of the world and start over. Again, good luck on that one.

We know he won the elec­tion by di­vid­ing the coun­try as it has not been di­vided since the Civil War, and now he says he wants us to unite? Why?

You can call it sour grapes or maybe just be­ing a bad loser, but the re­al­ity is we voted for a very dif­fer­ent and very dark can­di­date and di­rec­tion in this coun­try. When Rus­sian in­tel­li­gence can openly in­ter­fere in our elec­tions with­out most of the coun­try be­ing out­raged, when the FBI can in­ter­fere in the elec­tion to the ex­tent it has with­out strong voices of con­cern from both sides of the aisle, when the KKK and antigov­ern­ment mili­tias can en­dorse a ma­jor can­di­date with­out most of us voic­ing our grave con­cerns, then where has this coun­try gone?

Two of the last five elec­tions have had dark clouds over them be­cause of highly ques­tion­able re­sults. Not be­cause of who won, but be­cause of how they won. Are the elec­tions rigged as Don­ald Trump in­sisted through­out the cam­paign? I guess I will re­luc­tantly have to say yes. A sad day for Amer­ica.


Pres­i­dent-elect Don­ald Trump speaks dur­ing an elec­tion rally on Wed­nes­day.

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