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Put a missed kiss back on your list. Even though you may have a heavy sched­ule you can find time to reach out and touch some­one who means a lot to you. Dis­pel any no­tion that you are ne­glect­ing loved ones.

If you made a plan in ad­vance there was a good rea­son, so fol­low through. You may run into an old friend that makes you re­call an old rift or awk­ward sit­u­a­tion. It may be a good time to mend fences or of­fer an apol­ogy.

Fo­cus on the fu­ture. If you think about the good old days, you might re­al­ize the good old days weren’t al­ways good. You are at your best when you sit down to an­a­lyze a busi­ness plan or re-eval­u­ate in­vest­ment strate­gies.

Put fin­ish­ing touches on a project or fine tune the de­tails, while be­ing up­front with loved ones. Ad­mit mis­takes and fol­low up on prom­ises. You will find that your con­cerns van­ish in a blink of an eye as a stronger bond is formed.

Look be­fore you leap into a new sit­u­a­tion. If you are pre­pared and have your home­work done, you won’t fear stand­ing up in front of the class. Pre­pare for up­com­ing meet­ings or dis­cus­sions by do­ing a lit­tle dig­ging.

You can be a ge­nius when you make ges­tures of gen­eros­ity. Idiosyn­crasies will be more ac­cept­able so you can in­vite the black sheep of the fam­ily to a get to­gether. Buy things of el­e­gance, dis­tinc­tion and dis­crim­i­na­tion.

You don’t like to be alone or feel you need a chap­er­one. Just be­cause your spe­cial some­one is too busy to shower with you at­ten­tion doesn’t mean you should find some­one else. Your ro­man­tic fan­tasies can lead you astray.

Some­one is will­ing to for­give and for­get. Use your time wisely and fo­cus on mak­ing oth­ers feel com­fort­able, cher­ished, and wel­come. Thought­ful­ness and gen­eros­ity wipes out dis­cord and puts lovers on equal foot­ing.

Stay out of the lime­light. The harder you try to make a point, the less likely you are to make it. Only your ro­man­tic fan­tasies are hid­ing in the shad­ows of love. Put a bud­ding ro­mance back in the vase.

There may be too much pomp in your cir­cum­stances. You may eas­ily go over­board to prove your im­por­tance. Prom­ises may be ob­tained but might not be ful­filled as faith­fully as you would like them to be.

To get some­thing done right, do it your­self. Some­one may shirk du­ties or beg off from a task with a headache. Mys­te­ri­ous de­lays, frus­tra­tions or mis­takes may plague a fi­nan­cial sit­u­a­tion. Hold off on ma­jor pur­chases.

You may not be as at­trac­tive or as so­cially adept as usual for the next few days. If you throw your­self into your work, you might be­come frus­trated. Slow down and don’t make ma­jor de­ci­sions. Ev­ery­thing is not as it seems.

Use your en­ergy wisely dur­ing the up­com­ing six to eight weeks. You can set a good ex­am­ple for oth­ers of in­dus­try and per­sis­tence. Get all your ducks in a row and aim to hatch your most im­por­tant plans in Fe­bru­ary and March. In that time pe­riod you are at your most at­trac­tive and your tal­ents and skills are clear to all to see. That is a good time to change ca­reers, in­ter­view for a new job or to find some­one who is in­ter­ested in a long term re­la­tion­ship. Your busi­ness sense is en­hanced as well so this is a great time to reeval­u­ate your fi­nan­cial af­fairs. If you have worked hard a much de­served re­ward could land at your feet in April.

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