Democrats are rab­ble-rous­ing

Baltimore Sun - - MARYLAND VOICES - Jon Ket­zner, Cum­ber­land

I’m crazy about Jill Stein and ad­mire her moxie in chal­leng­ing some elec­tion re­sults. As a fringe guer­rilla war­rior, she has to fight asym­met­ri­cally. Good for her (“Trump claims with­out ev­i­dence that ‘mil­lions’ voted il­le­gally for Clin­ton,” Nov. 28).

That said, the pa­thetic Democrats are play­ing a very dan­ger­ous game in­deed in join­ing, and ul­ti­mately usurp­ing, Dr. Stein’s quixotic chal­lenges. Be­fore the elec­tion, es­tab­lish­ment Democrats and their apol­o­gists among the me­dia righ­teously howled at ev­ery Re­pub­li­can sug­ges­tion that the elec­toral process was cor­rupted, whether it was Re­pub­li­can ef­forts to sup­press il­le­gal vot­ing or Don­ald Trump’s vague ac­cu­sa­tions of the sys­tem be­ing rigged.

By sup­port­ing and un­der­writ­ing re­count ef­forts in tra­di­tion­ally blue states, Democrats are giv­ing high le­git­i­macy to ev­ery an­gry and dis­af­fected Amer­i­can who be­lieves the sys­tem is fixed. The Democrats can of­fer no ev­i­dence, other than their own petu­lant re­fusal to ac­cept the elec­tion out­come, that the out­comes in the re­count states were some­how tainted.

Woe unto Amer­ica if the elec­tion re­sult is some­how re­versed at this late hour. Hil­lary Clin­ton would be pre­sid­ing over an un­govern­able tu­mult — not just pitch­forks and torches but ox carts and guil­lotines. An elec­tion re­ver­sal is, pre­sum­ably, ex­tremely un­likely, but es­tab­lish­ment Demo­cratic sup­port for th­ese ef­forts is, ar­guably, more dan­ger­ous and un-Amer­i­can than all of the dem­a­goguery that spewed from Mr. Trump dur­ing the cam­paign. The Democrats should stand down. They lost fair and square.

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