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7 NEWS NATION & WORLD SATURDAY, AUGUST 1, 2020 | | THE BALTIMORE SUN Order your ad online www.advertise.baltimores­ It’s fast and easy! Visit baltimores­ • Place an ad: 410-539-7700 LEGAL NOTICES Absent Spouse For Dissolu tion of Marriage Notice CCIITTYY OOFF BBAALLTTII­MMOORREE DDEEPPAARR­TTMMEENNTT OOFF RREECCRREE­AATTIIOONN AANNDD PPAARRKKSS NNOOTTIICC­EE OOFF LLEETTTTII­NNGG Sealed Bids or Proposals, in duplicate addressed to the Board of Estimates of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore and marked for BBaallttii­mmoorree CCiittyy NNoo.. RRPP117788­2200 GGwwyynnnn­ss FFaallllss DDiivviiss­iioonn MMaaiinntt­eennaanncc­ee YYaarrdd RReennoovv­aattiioonn aanndd AAddddiitt­iioonn will be received at the Office of the Comptrolle­r, Room 204 City Hall, Baltimore, Maryland until 11:00 A.M.. SSeeppttee­mmbbeerr 1166,, 22002200. Positively no bids will be received after 11:00 A.M. Bids will be publicly opened by the Board of Estimates in Room 215, City Hall at Noon. The proposed Contract Documents may be examined, without charge, at the Dept. of Rec & Parks at 2600 Madison Ave, Baltimore, Md. 21217 by appointmen­t only on Wednesdays and Fridays, 8:30am – 4:00pm by emailing benitaj.randolph@baltimorec­ as of JJuullyy 3311,, 22002200 and copies may be purchased for a non-refundable cost of $$110000..0000.. CCoonnddii­ttiioonnss aanndd rreeqquuii­rreemmeenn­ttss ooff tthhee BBiidd aarree ffoouunndd iinn tthhee bbiidd ppaacckkaa­ggee.. All contractor­s bidding on this Contract must first be prequalifi­ed by the City of Baltimore Contractor­s Qualificat­ion Committee. Interested parties should call (410) 396-6883 or contact the Committee at 4 South Frederick Street, 4th Floor, Baltimore, Maryland 21202. IIff aa bbiidd iiss ssuubbmmii­tttteedd bbyy aa jjooiinntt vveennttuu­rree ((““JJVV””)),, tthheenn iinn tthhaatt eevveenntt,, tthhee ddooccuumm­eenntt tthhaatt eess-ttaabbllii­sshheedd tthhee JJVV sshhaallll bbee ssuubbmmii­tttteedd wwiitthh tthhee bbiidd ffoorr vveerriiff­iiccaattii­oonn ppuurrppoo­sseess.. The Prequalifi­cation Category required for bidding on this project is EE11330000­44 RREE-HHAABBIILL­IITTAATTII­OONN OOFF SSTTRRUUCC­TTUURREESS,, Cost Qualificat­ion Range for this work shall be $$990000,,000000..0000 to $$11,,335500,,000000..0000.. A “Pre-Bidding Informatio­n” session will be conducted via Microsoft Teams at 1100::0000 AA..MM.. on AAuugguuss­tt 1111,, 22002200.. Email your contact informatio­n to Bivek.Poudyal@baltimorec­ to receive an invite to the Microsoft Teams (video conference meeting) no later than August 10th at 4:00pm. Principal Items of work for this project are interior and exterior renovation to existing building including office, maintenanc­e equipment and storage space renovation, new locker room and office addition, and roof replacemen­t. The MBE goal is 2200%% and WBE goal is 77%%.. AAPPPPRROO­VVEEDD:: JJooaann MM PPrraatttt,, CClleerrkk,, BBooaarrdd ooff EEssttiimm­aatteess 7/31, 8/1/2020 6688378 Notice of Applicatio­ns Received for a Forest Conservati­on Plan Approval and the Opportunit­y to Provide Written Comment or Request an Informatio­n Hearing. State Of Illinois Warren County District Court Divorce ENYONAM DJAGBLEGAN ABBEY, that a complaint seeking relief against you has been filed. Issue Date: July 21, 2020 The Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Forest Service is reviewing the following applicatio­ns for a Forest Conservati­on Program Plan Approval. The applicatio­ns and related infonnatio­n are on file at the Southern Region Forestry Education Office of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Forest Service, 8023 Long Hill Road, Pasadena, MD 21122. Arrangemen­ts may be made for inspection­s and copying of file materials. The Nature of relief being sought is as follows: That Divorce from Marriage celebrated on April 21, 2016 In Warren County, Illinois with: EMMANUEL TOFODJI AMOUZOUVIK Be granted based upon at least one year on separation of parties. Defendant should make a defense of this pleading no later than 30 days from the first day of publicatio­n. Dissolutio­n Of Marriage Court appointed date Is set for August 31, 2020 at 9:00 a.m. in the Warren County Circuit Court in Monmouth, Illinois 8/1/2020 6722966 Opportunit­y is afforded to interested parties to provide written comments on the lists applicatio­n(s), or to be placed on the interested persons list for a specific applicatio­n. If requesting to be placed on the interested persons list, please clearly state this request in written form. Any request for a hearing must be in writing and provide the following informatio­n: l) Name, Address and Telephone Number of the person making the request; 2) The identity of any other person(s) the requestor is representi­ng; and 3) State specifical­ly the issue proposed to be considered at the hearing. If a hearing is scheduled, sign language interprete­rs and other appropriat­e accommodat­ions for individual­s with disabiliti­es will be provided upon request. Selling a car? Go to www.baltimores­ Selling merchandis­e? Written comments, requests to be placed on the interested persons list, or requests for a hearing must be received on or before August 19, 2020. Correspond­ence should be addressed to the Maryland Department of Natural ResourcesF­orest Service, State Forest Conservati­on Program, Tawes State Office Building, 580 Taylor Avenue, E-1, Annapolis, MD 21401. Go to www.baltimores­ Any further notices concerning actions on the following applicatio­ns will be provided only by mail to those persons on the interested persons list. Applicatio­n received: The Maryland Environmen­tal Services (MES) proposes to construct the MES Headquarte­rs Building and associated parking and infrastruc­ture. The project is located at 259, 265 and 269 Najoles Road, Millersvil­le, Maryland. The project will occur on a total of 6.41 acres, affecting 0.24 acres of 0.24 acres of existing forest as part of a Forest Conservati­on Plan (S20-27) submitted to the State of Maryland Forest Conservati­on Program. The site is located in the West Chesapeake Bay Watershed, Severn River Sub-watershed (#02131002). Informatio­n about this project may be obtained by contacting the Southern Region Urban and Community Forestry Coordinato­r at (410) 360-9774 or the State Forest Conservati­on Program Coordinato­r at (410) 260-8511. 8/1/2020 6733167 ; < & ! " ! # % ! & % ' ! ( )* ! 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