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BREAK­FAST: whole brown rice ce­real ( – 4 Tbs. rice in 2 cups wa­ter, stir­ring con­stantly over medium heat) with

2 tsp. vir­gin olive or flax oil stirred in when cooked.

MORN­ING SNACK: baked ap­ple or blue­ber­ries/ sliced ba­nana topped with unsweet­ened co­coa pow­der.

LUNCH: veg­etable soup from mas­saged kale, pars­ley, zuc­chini, pump­kin, car­rots, and squash, with mil­let or bar­ley, and 2 tsp. olive or flax oil.

AF­TER­NOON SNACK: baked ap­ple or berries or or­ange.

DIN­NER: same as lunch, or add a lit­tle fresh fish or free- range chicken.

Some of my col­leagues have noted that the low FODMAP diet can help IBS. This ba­si­cally means avoid­ing fer­mented foods ( kom­bucha, pick­les, yo­gurt); short- chain ( sim­pler) carbs such as those found in high fruc­tose corn syrup; honey; in­ulin; wheat; soy; gar­lic; onions; beans/ peas; cel­ery; mush­rooms; most fruits; many condi­ments, dips, and sauces; beer; wine; co­conut wa­ter; fruit juice; and all dairy.

What’s left to eat? Most squashes, sprouts, pump­kin, potato, chard, kale, fen­nel, zuc­chini, yam, blue­ber­ries, ba­nana, clemen­tines, or­anges, lemon, lime, pa­paya, pineap­ple, car­rots, cu­cum­ber, gin­ger, radish, clean beef, chicken, lamb, pork, turkey, tuna, sal­mon, cod, most fresh fish and crus­taceans, bone mar­row, oats, quinoa, rice, seeds ( chia, pump­kin, sun­flower, etc.), maple syrup, mus­tard, eggs, and co­coa pow­der.

A low FODMAP diet may work bet­ter if you have con­firmed SIBO ( small in­testi­nal bac­te­rial over­growth).

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