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Al­ler­gies are an im­mune sys­tem re­sponse, so foods and sup­ple­ments that for­tify the im­mune sys­tem are key. Both Peikes and Yas­son rec­om­mend a daily dose of omega- 3 fi sh oil for pets for both im­mu­nity and skin health ( fol­low dosage di­rec­tions on the pack­age). Pro­bi­otics also strengthen im­mu­nity ( fol­low the dosage scale for mullein), as does vir­gin co­conut oil, a su­per­food that I give my dogs ev­ery day; they love it. Also try chamomile and/ or spir­ulina— both are help­ful for eas­ing al­lergy- re­lated skin is­sues. You can fi nd them in wafers and tablets for­mu­lated for pets.

Fi­nally, an anti- infl am­ma­tory diet is the way to go. That means home­pre­pared food when­ever pos­si­ble, in­clud­ing raw meat and raw bones as well as bone broth; if you can’t be your pets’ per­sonal chef, se­lect a grain- free brand of com­mer­cial food. There’s no bet­ter way to tell adored dogs and cats “I love you” than with a de­li­cious bowl of al­lergy- fi ght­ing grub.

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