Ra­di­ate Beauty from the In­side Out

from the In­side Out


Roll out the red car­pet, be­cause it ’s time for our an­nual Best of Nat­u­ral Beauty Awards. We tested a wide range of clean beauty prod­ucts, picked 50 of our fa­vorites, and or­ga­nized them into easy- to- ac­cess cat­e­gories that marry the best of na­ture and sci­ence.

An in­dis­pens­able guide for buy­ing and us­ing nat­u­ral per­sonal care prod­ucts

Too many beauty and per­sonal care prod­ucts are de­scribed as nat­u­ral on the label when they are any­thing but. In fact, “nat­u­ral” may mean noth­ing more than the ad­di­tion of botan­i­cal ex­tracts such as aloe vera or chamomile. Lurk­ing be­hind this all- nat­u­ral fa­cade are chem­i­cals like sodium lau­ryl sul­fate ( a harsh de­ter­gent and skin ir­ri­tant) and propy­lene gly­col ( used in an­tifreeze). That doesn’t sound pretty, right? For­tu­nately, there are many won­der­ful— and in­cred­i­bly eff ec­tive— al­ter­na­tives to both pseudo- nat­u­ral and defi nite­ly­not- nat­u­ral beauty prod­ucts.

Here are our 50 fa­vorites. They’re all free of chem­i­cals and ir­ri­tants com­monly used in con­ven­tional beauty prod­ucts. That means you won’t see some­thing like alu­minum chloro­hy­drate in de­odor­ant or parabens in sham­poo. In­stead, you’ll fi nd ad­vanced for­mu­la­tions that marry the best of na­ture and sci­ence. And be­cause we be­lieve that nu­tri­ents play a big role in hair, skin, and nail health, we’ve in­cluded our fa­vorite beau­ty­boost­ing sup­ple­ments as well.

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