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The prob­lem with most OTC and pre­scrip­tion heart­burn drugs is that they tend to cover up symp­toms. Life Ex­ten­sion Gas­tro- Ease ac­tu­ally helps heal the gut, ad­dress­ing un­der­ly­ing is­sues that lead to heart­burn. It’s de­signed to help pro­tect the stom­ach from ex­cess acid and heal its pro­tec­tive mu­cous layer. The ac­tive in­gre­di­ents are zinc- L- carno­sine and pro­bi­otics. Research shows that zinc, es­pe­cially when com­bined with the nu­tri­ent carno­sine ( as zinc- L- carno­sine), works to build the stom­ach’s pro­tec­tive layer by en­cour­ag­ing mu­cus pro­duc­tion. Py­lopass, a patented pro­bi­otic, helps bal­ance the raito of good- to- bad bac­te­ria in your di­ges­tive tract and pro­mote stom­ach lin­ing health.

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