BB and CC Creams

BB cream, short for “beauty balm” or “blem­ish balm,” and CC cream, short for “color cor­rect­ing” cream, are a ge­nius marriage of makeup and skincare— and their benefi ts are many


Beauty balms and color cor­rect­ing creams are a ge­nius marriage of makeup and skincare.

In­vented in the 1950s by Ger­man der­ma­tol­o­gist Chris­tine Schram­mek, BB cream was orig­i­nally de­signed to help post- peel pa­tients mask red­ness. Ev­ery tube is packed with anti- aging in­gre­di­ents that can mois­tur­ize, smooth, even out skin tone, and pro­tect against sun dam­age with broad- spec­trum SPF. Plus, a light tint will give your skin a dewy, lu­mi­nous glow. The mul­ti­task­ing BB cream can be used as a primer, tinted mois­tur­izer, and light foun­da­tion. It’s ideal for ev­ery­day use across all age groups.

CC creams are an all- in- one makeup and skin- care for­mula packed with SPF that off ers full- foun­da­tion cov­er­age, but feels like you’re not wear­ing makeup. Since the creams are build­able, you can layer on as much or as lit­tle pig­ment as you want.

The diff er­ence be­tween BB and CC creams is sub­tle and de­pends on the brand. A CC cream’s pri­mary pur­pose is to cor­rect color- re­lated skin is­sues, such as red­ness, dark spots, dull skin, or acne. It feels lighter on the skin than BB cream, but CC cream pro­vides more cov­er­age, usu­ally with the in­clu­sion of light- diff us­ing par­ti­cles. Like BB cream, CC cream has sun­screen ( SPF num­ber varies by brand) and is packed with vi­ta­mins C and E, and other age- de­fy­ing an­tiox­i­dants. Since BBs and CCs are de­signed to be mul­ti­taskers, fi nd­ing the best one for you re­quires pri­or­i­tiz­ing. Choose one based on your pri­mary com­plex­ion con­cern, and the other benefi ts will fol­low.

1 Treat your skin to makeup plus skin care with Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Cov­er­age Min­eral BB Cream with SPF 25. Grape­fruit and ap­ple ex­tracts min­i­mize pores, smooth fine lines, and brighten the skin. Ex­tracts of white and green tea and honey­suckle calm and pro­tect skin. Aloe and sun­flower seed oil mois­tur­ize. And 20 per­cent titanium diox­ide pro­vides broad- spec­trum UV pro­tec­tion. Avail­able in eight wa­ter- re­sis­tant shades.

2 Get the tri­fecta of mois­ture, makeup, and sun pro­tec­tion with Paci­fica Ul­tra CC Cream Ra­di­ant Foun­da­tion with SPF 17. Co­conut wa­ter en­hances elas­tic­ity, kelp nour­ishes and sup­ports cir­cu­la­tion, gin­seng helps detox skin, color- cor­rect­ing min­er­als adapt to your skin tone, and 11.4 per­cent zinc ox­ide pro­vides broad- spec­trum UV pro­tec­tion. Avail­able in two shades: Warm/ Light and Nat­u­ral/ Medium.

3 Del­i­cate and dry skin will de­light in An­dalou Nat­u­rals CC 1000 Roses Color + Cor­rect Sheer Nude with SPF 30. Alpine rose stem cells pro­vide cel­lu­lar sup­port, while rose­wa­ter and rose es­sen­tial oil soothe and soften sen­si­tive skin, and hyaluronic acid and pome­gran­ate hy­drate and pro­tect. Sheer, matte min­eral cov­er­age and UVA/ UVB sun pro­tec­tion from 20 per­cent zinc ox­ide look nat­u­ral, not chalky.

4 Stay sun safe with MyChelle Der­ma­ceu­ti­cals Sun Shield Liq­uid Tint SPF 50. This light, oil- free lo­tion re­lies on 16.1 per­cent zinc ox­ide for broad- spec­trum UV pro­tec­tion with­out nanopar­ti­cles. It also con­tains ben­tonite to ab­sorb ex­cess oil and im­pu­ri­ties from pores. The re­sult is a soft, matte fin­ish. Choose from two sheer shades: Nude ( light/ medium) or Nat­u­ral Tan ( medium/ dark).

5 Mul­ti­task with DeVita Multi- Ben­e­fit Beauty Balm. This all- in- one sun pro­tec­tion, mois­tur­izer, and min­eral makeup is a treat for your skin. Aloe and hyaluronic acid hy­drate, while green tea, pome­gran­ate, and vi­ta­min E pro­tect skin. Nine per­cent mi­cronized zinc ox­ide pro­vides broad- spec­trum UVA/ UVB sun pro­tec­tion and helps bal­ance skin tone. Avail­able in light, medium, and dark shades.

6 Hy­drate, bal­ance skin tone, re­ju­ve­nate, and pro­tect your skin with Min­eral Fusion Il­lu­mi­nat­ing Min­eral Beauty Balm. Aloe, li­corice root, sun­flower oil, and laven­der mois­tur­ize and re­duce red­ness. A min­eral pep­tide blend of mag­ne­sium, zinc, and cop­per helps gen­er­ate new skin cells and min­i­mize pores and fine lines, while vi­ta­min C, pome­gran­ate, and white tea nour­ish and pro­tect skin. Min­eral sun pro­tec­tion from 3.9 per­cent titanium diox­ide helps ward off harm­ful rays. Avail­able in two shades.

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