Muesli Magic

Seven Sun­days Muesli seeks to re­de­fine the art and grace of the Amer­i­can break­fast

Better Nutrition - - TREND WATCH - By Neil Zevnik

Back in the late ’ 60s, I came across a red and white box of “healthy” break­fast ce­real. Called muesli, this mélange of whole grains, nuts, and fruit was a big deal among my more earthy friends.

Fast- for­ward a few decades, and “healthy” food is no longer just for hip­pies. Muesli is sim­i­lar to gra­nola, but with one sig­nifi cant diff er­ence— it’s raw, not toasted, and there­fore, doesn’t need fat and sugar to hold it to­gether. In­vented by a Swiss doc­tor for pa­tients in his sana­to­rium in the Alps, muesli is high in fi ber and rich in an­tiox­i­dants, and it’s a good source of pro­tein and omega- 3 fatty acids.

And that brings me to Seven Sun­days Muesli. From lo­cally sourc­ing plant- based, nu­tri­ent- dense, non- GMO in­gre­di­ents to fol­low­ing en­vi­ron­men­tally sound prac­tices to giv­ing back to the com­mu­nity, Seven Sun­days seeks to re­defi ne the Amer­i­can break­fast.

The Peo­ple

Han­nah and Brady Barn­sta­ble were for­mer Mid­west­ern­ers liv­ing life in the fast and fash­ion­able lane in New York City— Han­nah was an in­vest­ment banker, Brady was an en­vi­ron­men­tal con­sul­tant. Then their hon­ey­moon took them to New Zealand for a six- week hik­ing and camp­ing ad­ven­ture that even­tu­ally turned their lives up­side- down. Be­cause most of their va­ca­tion morn­ings started with an un­fa­mil­iar but in­creas­ingly de­sir­able lo­cal fa­vorite: muesli with farm- fresh milk or yo­gurt.

Re­turn­ing to the Big Ap­ple, they dis­cov­ered they were no longer sat­isfi ed with the pace or di­rec­tion of their lives— and they just couldn’t fi nd any de­cent muesli ei­ther!

The Pas­sion

Han­nah’s “aha! mo­ment” came while stand­ing in a crowded ce­real aisle in Man­hat­tan and re­al­iz­ing how few brands off ered what she was look­ing for— a way to start the day right. “And just like that, I knew what I was go­ing to do— leave my ca­reer in fi nance and build a com­pany that fl ipped break­fast on its head.” So the cou­ple moved back to their home state of Min­nesota.

As an en­vi­ron­men­tal con­sul­tant, Brady al­ready knew the im­por­tance of sus­tain­abil­ity and re­spon­si­bil­ity. So he fo­cused on the big pic­ture; as he notes, “The ce­real aisle, and break­fast in gen­eral, in the U. S. need a com­plete overhaul. We de­cided to tackle it head on!” And though the ob­sta­cles are many, his op­ti­mism is un­shak­able. “This is a very ex­cit­ing time to be in nat­u­ral food.”

It started with a lo­cal farmer’s mar­ket in Min­neapo­lis and grew slowly from there. For Han­nah, the most im­por­tant thing is “the in­gre­di­ents— sim­ple, un­pro­cessed, high- qual­ity, and sus­tain­ably sourced.” And Brady loves the fact that, “I get to work side- by- side with my partner in life, do­ing some­thing that doesn’t feel like work.” And for both of them, the goal is “to build a com­pany with a fo­cus on trans­parency, com­mu­nity, and sus­tain­abil­ity.”

Han­nah has the fi nal word: “Our prod­ucts change peo­ple’s morn­ings for the bet­ter. What could be more mo­ti­vat­ing than that?”

Min­neapo­lis- based cou­ple Han­nah and Brady Barn­sta­ble started Seven Sun­days Muesli as a way to find bal­ance in their own lives and help bring it to oth­ers.

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