Adaptogens get their names from the adap­tive prop­er­ties the plants ex­hibit in na­ture, mean­ing the plants re­spond and adapt well to stress­ful en­vi­ron­men­tal con­di­tions, mak­ing them hardier and stronger. Fortunately, th­ese herbs have the same ef­fect on us. T

Better Nutrition - - 7 WAYS - — Kim Erickson

ASH­WA­GANDHA is a calm­ing adap­to­gen that sup­ports healthy adrenal func­tion. It is of­ten used to re­lieve anx­i­ety and fa­tigue, and to help bal­ance the im­mune sys­tem by re­duc­ing cor­ti­sol lev­els. Dur­ing one ran­dom­ized, dou­ble- blind, place­bo­con­trolled trial in­volv­ing peo­ple with a his­tory of chronic stress, those tak­ing ash­wa­gandha twice a day for days showed sig­nif­i­cantly re­duced stress- as­sess­ment scores. Serum cor­ti­sol lev­els were also sub­stan­tially lower and more nor­mal in the ash­wa­gandha group com­pared to those in the placebo group.

HOLY BASIL is com­monly used to re­duce the ef­fects of stress while im­prov­ing mem­ory. But more re­cent stud­ies show that it also con­trib­utes to a healthy im­mune re­sponse, thanks to the ac­tive con­stituent eugenol. It’s so pow­er­ful, holy basil has even demon­strated an­timi­cro­bial ef­fects against Strep­to­coc­cus mu­tans, the pathogen re­spon­si­ble for tooth and gum dis­ease.

RHODIOLA is best known for its abil­ity to en­hance en­ergy, en­durance, alert­ness, and mem­ory while re­duc­ing fa­tigue. Re­cent find­ing in the Ar­chives of Virol­ogy sug­gest that it also boosts NK cell lev­els ( which helps en­hance im­mune func­tion) and pro­duces an an­tivi­ral im­mune re­sponse for stress- free pro­tec­tion.

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