Reishi ( Gan­o­derma lu­cidum)

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USE REISHI TO: Sleep bet­ter Stress less Cure sea­sonal al­ler­gies

Reishi has been used in traditional Chi­nese medicine for at least 2,000 years, with the first known writ­ten records dat­ing from the Han Dy­nasty (206 B.C. to A. D .220). Reishi has the abil­ity to boost the body’s im­mune sys­tem to pro­tect it against pathogens such as viruses, bac­te­ria, and par­a­sites. Even when pathogens aren’t present, an op­ti­mally func­tion­ing im­mune sys­tem will ex­po­nen­tially in­crease your over­all health and well­ness to the point where you can wit­ness the ef­fects of aging be­ing re­versed— both phys­i­cally and cog­ni­tively.

The com­pounds in reishi work ex­ter­nally and in­ter­nally to keep you look­ing young by re­duc­ing der­mal ox­i­da­tion ( when pro­teins on the skin are dam­aged, caus­ing wrin­kles and other signs of aging) and pro­tect­ing your cel­lu­lar DNA and mi­to­chon­dria from ox­i­dant dam­age, al­low­ing you to re­main en­er­gized and alert.

Another ma­jor benefi t of reishi is how it works to achieve hor­monal bal­ance. When you have an op­ti­mally func­tion­ing hor­monal sys­tem ( and sur­pris­ingly few of us do— for a slew of rea­sons, in­clud­ing the im­pact of en­vi­ron­men­tal tox­ins and the over­pre­scrib­ing of pre­scrip­tion med­i­ca­tions), your body can re­lax and re­cover dur­ing the night as it is meant to. Ed­i­tor’s Prod­uct Pick: New Chap­ter LifeShield Reishi

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