( Ophio­cordy­ceps sinen­sis)

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USE CORDY­CEPS TO: Per­form bet­ter ( both ath­let­i­cally and in the bed­room) In­crease en­ergy Al­le­vi­ate asthma and bron­chi­tis

Cordy­ceps is val­ued pri­mar­ily for its ex­tra­or­di­nary abil­ity to in­crease en­ergy and re­duce fa­tigue. It’s been a cen­ter­piece of traditional Chi­nese medicine for more than 1,300 years, with the first known record of its use dat­ing back to the Tang Dy­nasty in A. D .620.

Cordy­ceps is most no­table for its en­er­giz­ing ef­fects, due to its beta- glu­cans. Those present in cordy­ceps, like all other beta- glu­cans, de­liver oxy­gen to the body on a cel­lu­lar level, which not only de­creases the oc­cur­rence of dis­ease but also in­creases en­ergy and stamina. Cordy­ceps also sig­nifi cantly boosts adeno­sine triphos­phate ( ATP) lev­els in the body. ATP is the body’s main en­ergy sup­ply source and is re­quired for all cel­lu­lar pro­cesses. Cells need en­ergy to ac­ti­vate our mus­cles and keep us mov­ing.

Be­cause it is so eff ec­tive at in­creas­ing en­ergy and de­creas­ing fa­tigue, cordy­ceps is a pop­u­lar and eff ec­tive sup­ple­ment for the el­derly who are seek­ing to coun­ter­act the lethargy that of­ten ac­com­pa­nies aging, as well as for ath­letes who are look­ing to per­form at peak lev­els.

Cordy­ceps’ an­ti­infl am­ma­tory prop­er­ties mean that it helps with blood fl ow, over­all heart health, and low­er­ing choles­terol. Ed­i­tor’s Prod­uct Pick: Mush­room Wis­dom Su­per Cordy­ceps

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