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Next time you need to con­cen­trate on a task, try leav­ing your smart­phone in an­other room. That’s the take­away from a study of nearly 800 smart­phone users at The Univer­sity of Texas at Austin, which found that when they’re nearby, smart­phones cause “brain drain,” mak­ing us less able to fo­cus and ef­fi­ciently per­form men­tal tasks. Those in the study took com­puter tests, which re­quired full con­cen­tra­tion, with their smart­phones ei­ther within easy reach, or in an­other room. Even though the phones were all set to silent or turned off, hav­ing them on the desk ( worst) or in a pocket or bag ( next worst) re­sulted in lower scores than when the phones were in an­other room. “It’s not that par­tic­i­pants were dis­tracted be­cause they were get­ting no­ti­fi­ca­tions on their phones,” said re­searcher Adrian Ward, PhD. “The mere pres­ence of their smart­phone was enough to re­duce their cog­ni­tive ca­pac­ity.”

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