Does this Health- Con­scious Su­per Model and Su­per Mom Re­ally Have an Un­fair Ad­van­tage for De­fy­ing Age?

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“YES, Re­gain Your Lost Col­la­gen!”

“Af­ter the age of 21, we women lose about 1% of our col­la­gen ev­ery year,” says Christie. Col­la­gen, of course, “plumps” your skin and makes it smooth and youth­ful look­ing. In ad­di­tion, col­la­gen gives your skin its vi­tal youth- pro­mot­ing elas­tic­ity. Plus, col­la­gen is re­spon­si­ble for help­ing to make your hair thicker and stronger. It makes your nails stronger, too. BioSil gives you the abil­ity to re­gain lost col­la­gen, add new col­la­gen, and pro­tect both your new and ex­ist­ing col­la­gen.† “So yes, I feel like BioSil does give me an un­fair ad­van­tage,” says Christie smil­ing.

“BioSil Gen­er­ates Col­la­gen with My Own DNA Finger­print!”

BioSil is not “made out of col­la­gen,” it “gen­er­ates col­la­gen” through your body’s own nat­u­ral path­ways.† That means the col­la­gen you add is col­la­gen with your own DNA nger­print. That’s why BioSil helps you look beau­ti­ful, youth­ful, and healthy – nat­u­rally!

“BioSil Is Backed by Gen­uine Clin­i­cal Tri­als!”

“I rst tried BioSil be­cause I saw the re­mark­able re­sults of its dou­ble- blind, placebo- con­trolled clin­i­cal tri­als in gen­uine med­i­cal jour­nals. I keep us­ing it be­cause of the re­sults I see in the mir­ror!”

Give Your­self an Un­fair Ad­van­tage!

Try BioSil and give your skin, hair, and nails an un­fair ad­van­tage! You’ll be happy to know BioSil works nat­u­rally and con­tains no animal parts what­so­ever. Dis­cover more of Christie’s beauty se­crets at www. BioSilUSA. com/ BNM1017

“I take BioSil ever y day... I’m amazed at the re­sults I see in my skin, hair, and nails!” CHRISTIE BRINKLEY

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