Zyfla­mend ™ Whole Body is a purely herbal ap­proach to re­liev­ing pain† while en­hanc­ing mo­bil­ity, flex­i­bil­ity, and joint func­tion.* A clin­i­cally stud­ied 10- herb blend that in­cludes po­tent Turmeric, Zyfla­mend helps bal­ance the whole body’s healthy in­flam­mat

Better Nutrition - - FALL -

Zyfla­mend ™ Night­time

9 Sup­ports deep, sat­is­fy­ing sleep* 9 In­flam­ma­tion sup­port for a rest­ful night* 9 With Va­le­rian, Turmeric, Chamomile, and Hops

Zyfla­mend ™ Whole Body

9 Whole- body healthy in­flam­ma­tion re­sponse* 9 Sup­ports joint func­tion, move­ment, and mo­bil­ity* 9 Clin­i­cally stud­ied 10- herb blend with Turmeric

Zyfla­mend ™ Prostate

9 Sup­ports prostate health and func­tion* 9 Sup­ports nor­mal urine flow, day and night* 9 With pure Saw Pal­metto and fer­mented Se­le­nium

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