Fiber isn’t only es­sen­tial for reg­u­lar­ity. It helps with weight loss and main­tain­ing a healthy weight, re­duces risk of heart dis­ease and di­a­betes, helps sta­bi­lize lev­els of blood sugar, can lower el­e­vated choles­terol, and helps pre­vent hem­or­rhoids and dis

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Fiber Facts This un­her­alded nu­tri­ent per­forms a va­riet y of im­por­tant func­tions in the body, but are you re­ally get­ting enough? Test your fiber smarts with our quiz.

Fiber is di­gested in:

a) The stom­ach b) The small in­tes­tine c) The colon d) All the above e) None of the above

Which of th­ese foods are sources of fiber?

a) Fish b) Dairy prod­ucts c) Ex­tra vir­gin olive oil d) Veg­eta­bles and fruits e) All the above

Other good sources of fiber in­clude:

a) Whole grains b) Legumes c) Both of the above d) Nei­ther of the above

Which of th­ese con­tains the most fiber?

a) Ap­ple, medium with skin b) Blue­ber­ries, cup c) Brown rice, cup d) Oat­meal, cup e) Rasp­ber­ries, cup f) Straw­ber­ries, cup g) Whole wheat bread, slice Chia seeds are a good source of fiber, with grams per ounce. They have a unique abil­ity to ab­sorb liq­uid and be­come gel- like. How much liq­uid can they ab­sorb?

a) – times their weight b) – times their weight c) – times their weight d) – times their weight e) – times their weight f) – times their weight

Some plant foods con­tain pre­bi­otics, a spe­cial type of fiber that feeds ben­e­fi­cial gut mi­crobes. Which of th­ese is a good source of pre­bi­otics?

a) Tapi­oca b) Chicory c) Both of the above d) Nei­ther of the above

White rice and pota­toes are never good sources of fiber be­cause they are high in starch, which has a sim­i­lar ef­fect to sugar in our bod­ies.

a) True b) False

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