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Myth # 2:

All adults should take 1,000– 1, 200 mg of daily cal­cium sup­ple­ments Th­ese amounts are rec­om­mended daily cal­cium to­tals from both food and sup­ple­ments: 1,000 up to age 50 and 1,200 mg af­ter that. Sup­ple­ments should be used to make up any short­fall from your diet. To get a sense of how much cal­cium is in your food, see “Food Sources of Cal­cium,” right, and check la­bels. Cal­cium is usu­ally listed as a per­cent of daily value (% DV), mean­ing a per­cent of 1,000 mg. For ex­am­ple, 10% is 100 mg, 15% is 150 mg, 20% is 200 mg, and so on. Add up the cal­cium con­tent of your sta­ples and, de­pend­ing on your age, sub­tract from 1,000 or 1,200 to de­ter­mine an ap­pro­pri­ate sup­ple­ment dose.

Some stud­ies have found that ex­cess cal­cium from sup­ple­ments may be bad for the heart or con­trib­ute to kid­ney stones, so more isn’t al­ways bet­ter.

Myth #

Cal­cium must be taken at the same time as vi­ta­min D Although vi­ta­min D is es­sen­tial for cal­cium to be used eff ec­tively, it doesn’t mat­ter whether it’s taken at the same or an­other time of day. Your body will re­lease an ac­tive form of vi­ta­min D when needed, as long as you have ad­e­quate stores of the vi­ta­min.

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