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Sup­ple­ments for Healthy Travel Be­fore you hit the road this win­ter, check out th­ese key well­ness nu­tri­ents.

Nearly 50 mil­lion Amer­i­cans hit the road at Thanks­giv­ing, the busiest travel time of the year, and all those planes, trains, and au­to­mo­biles can make vis­it­ing the folks a hec­tic ex­pe­ri­ence. Dis­rupted sched­ules, lost sleep, and lots of sug­ary hol­i­day treats all con­trib­ute to stress, low­er­ing our re­sis­tance to colds and fl u both dur­ing and af­ter the trip. Plus, long pe­ri­ods of sit­ting can cause an­kle swelling and dan­ger­ous clots in leg veins. But th­ese sup­ple­ments can help.

Ash­wa­gandha: This go- to Ayurvedic rem­edy im­proves our abil­ity to with­stand stress, re­duces anx­i­ety, and bol­sters re­sis­tance to sea­sonal bugs. Fol­low prod­uct direc­tions, as ex­tracts vary in strength.

Mag­ne­sium: Stiff mus­cles and poor cir­cu­la­tion can be travel haz­ards. Mag­ne­sium re­laxes mus­cles, re­duces un­healthy blood clot­ting, and en­hances sleep. Con­sider adding a pow­dered form to a wa­ter bot­tle and sip­ping while sit­ting.

Ac­ti­vated Char­coal: Not that we’re en­cour­ag­ing overindul­gence, but ac­ti­vated char­coal, taken be­fore or right af­ter a meal, can re­duce gas, bloat­ing, and dis­com­fort. If taken just be­fore or with an al­co­holic drink, it may re­duce hangovers.

Py­c­nogenol: Stud­ies show that dur­ing long jour­neys, this patented pine bark ex­tract re­duces an­kle swelling and dan­ger­ous clot­ting in leg veins. The tested dose, taken with wa­ter, was 200 mg, 2– 3 hours be­fore an 8- hour fl ight, 200 mg 6 hours later, and 100 mg the next day.

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