Th­ese po­tent for­mu­las can work won­ders on your skin


Beauty Serums Th­ese po­tent for­mu­las tar­get skin con­cerns with in­gre­di­ents that pen­e­trate deeper than mois­tur­iz­ers.

Take the time to add a serum to your skin­care rou­tine, and you will see results. Con­cen­trated serums tar­get your main skin con­cerns, de­liv­er­ing po­tent in­gre­di­ents that pen­e­trate deeper than mois­tur­iz­ers. Un­like mois­tur­iz­ers that sit on the sur­face, serums are for­mu­lated with smaller mol­e­cules, so they are eas­ily ab­sorbed. In fact, a few drops of serum ap­plied 3– 5 min­utes be­fore a mois­tur­izer can ac­tu­ally im­prove the ab­sorp­tion of your mois­tur­izer.

For­mu­las vary, but most serums are de­signed to smooth, soften, and hy­drate skin, which di­min­ishes wrin­kles and fi ne lines. They may also brighten your skin tone and fade dis­col­oration. Or they may fi rm skin, boost collagen, soothe ir­ri­ta­tion, or stim­u­late cir­cu­la­tion for a nat­u­ral glow.

De­pend­ing on their specifi c pur­pose, serums may in­clude vi­ta­min C, plant stem cells, and pep­tides to help stim­u­late collagen; al­pha hy­droxy acids and vi­ta­min A ( retinols) to help in­crease cell turnover; hyaluronic acid to hy­drate and smooth skin; bear­berry and licorice ex­tracts to brighten skin and fade brown spots; and/ or sea buck­thorn to re­duce infl am­ma­tion and re­pair skin dam­age.

“The best an­ti­ag­ing serums are packed with plant stem cells and vi­ta­min C,” says Nancy Neet, es­theti­cian at The Al­li­son Inn & Spa in New­berg, Ore. “They help stim­u­late collagen and elastin— the strands of tis­sue that give the skin its strength and fl ex­i­bil­ity.”

The Al­li­son’s Herbal In­fu­sion Fa­cial re­lies heav­ily on a plant stem- cell booster serum to help re­ju­ve­nate skin and smooth fi ne lines and wrin­kles. Echi­nacea stem cells stim­u­late new collagen, plump and fi rm skin, and im­prove elas­tic­ity. Stem cells from the but­terfl y bush ( a plant na­tive e

g) help pro­tect the skin against sun and en­vi­ron­men­tal dam­age ge and in­crease lipid bar­rier pro­tec­tion. Vi­ta­min C and other an­tiox­i­dant vi­ta­mins re­duce infl am­ma­tion, boost collagen pro­duc­tion, and also pro­tect skin.

“Plant stem cells in this fa­cial work so well be­cause they y come from plants that are in­ten­tion­ally stressed,” says Neet. t. “When the plant de­fends it­self, the cells that are ex­tracted are stronger and more eff ec­tive. Use a serum ev­ery morn­ing and nd night and you re­ally can im­prove the health of your skin.”

1 Blitz your skin with an­tiox­i­dant and an­tipol­lu­tion pro­tec­tion with

MyChelle Der­ma­ceu­ti­cals Per­fect C

PRO Serum. This pro­fes­sional- level for­mula boasts 25 per­cent L- ascor­bic acid, the high­est and most ac­tive form of vi­ta­min C in skin­care prod­ucts. Con­cen­trated vi­ta­min C bright­ens and re­news skin, while plant stem cells and CoQ10 pro­tect ma­ture or dam­aged skin.

2 Recharge your skin with Re­viva

Labs Swiss Ap­ple Stem Cell Serum.

Ma­ture skin will be en­er­gized with th­ese re­silient stem cells, which help re­vive the skin and de­crease lines and wrin­kles. Ap­ply to clean skin or un­der your fa­vorite day or night mois­tur­iz­ers to boost the ef­fects.

3 Solve a va­ri­ety of skin prob­lems while you sleep with

Nour­ish Or­ganic Overnight Re­cov­ery

Serum. Ar­gan and evening prim­rose oils hy­drate, soften, in­crease elas­tic­ity, and re­duce signs of stress and fa­tigue. Go to bed with dry and dam­aged skin, and wake look­ing more re­freshed.

4 Re­ju­ve­nate and re­pair de­hy­drated skin

with John Masters Or­gan­ics Green Tea & Rose Hy­drat­ing Face

Serum. Green tea helps cel­lu­lar turnover, rose oil nour­ishes, sea al­gae soothes, rice ex­tract soft­ens and heals while help­ing to pre­vent wrin­kles, and sun­flower oil hy­drates and forms a pro­tec­tive bar­rier against en­vi­ron­men­tal pol­lu­tants.

5 An­nemarie Bor­lind Or­ange Blos­som En­er­gizer

is a 2- phase skin­care com­po­si­tion with first- press­ing botan­i­cal oils and blos­som ex­tracts, in­clud­ing car­rot ( rich in vi­ta­min A) and or­ange fruit ex­tract ( high in vi­ta­min C). It helps firm and re­vi­tal­ize skin. Ap­ply to cleansed skin in the morn­ing and evening. Then use a day or night cream to suit your skin type.

6 Care for your skin the way na­ture in­tended

with Hya­logic Stem Cell Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid. Restora­tive or­ange stem cells and hyaluronic acid sup­port cell longevity, main­tain skin vi­tal­ity, and com­bat the vis­i­ble signs of ag­ing.

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