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Want to be the per­son who hardly ever gets sick and al­ways has en­ergy to spare? Tap into the health- boost­ing pow­ers of spir­ulina, chlorella, and other green foods— and you will quickly be­come the envy of fam­ily and friends

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David San­doval, au­thor of The Green Food Bi­ble: Could Green Plants Hold the Key to Our Sur­vival?, of­fers the in­side scoop on green food sup­ple­ments.

One thing just can’t be beat for en­ergy, immunity, gut health, and cleans­ing— green foods. Spir­ulina, chlorella, wheat grass, and other pow­dered gems are con­cen­trated sources of nu­tri­ents, each with its own unique mix of vi­ta­mins and min­er­als. We sat down with green foods ex­pert David San­doval, au­thor of The Green Food Bi­ble: Could Green Plants Hold the Key to Our Sur­vival? and founder of Or­ganic by Na­ture, to get the in­side scoop on buy­ing and us­ing these sup­ple­ments

BN: What are the most im­por­tant health benefi ts of green foods? DS: There are end­less health benefi ts as­so­ci­ated with green foods, both sci­en­tifi c- based uses and anec­do­tal ones. Here are my fa­vorites:

Ex­cel­lent source of pre­bi­otics Al­ka­liz­ing eff ect on the body Liver detox­ifi cation Blood builder ( for stronger he­mo­glo­bin) En­ergy aid Nat­u­ral im­mune sup­port

BN: What are the main diff er­ences and health benefi ts of green foods, specifi - cally spir­ulina, chlorella, and grasses? DS: Here are my thoughts on these in­cred­i­ble foods:


Spir­ulina is a nat­u­ral mul­tivi­ta­min, and a ve­gan source of pro­tein and omega- 3 fatty acids. It’s also rich in phy­co­cyanin, a pow­er­ful polyphe­no­lic com­pound. Chlorella is best for heavy metal detox and tu­mor sup­pres­sion. It also pro­motes healthy bone growth and cel­lu­lar repli­ca­tion. Both are sim­i­lar in that they are chloro­phyll- rich al­gae. Both are rich in es­sen­tial amino acids, low in fat, and high in fi ber and min­er­als. Chloro­phyll is a nat­u­ral anti- infl am­ma­tory, an­tiox­i­dant, and wound healer that has been found to aid in nor­mal­iz­ing the blood counts of ane­mic in­di­vid­u­als. Both al­gae con­tain some vi­ta­min B . Along with the usual vi­ta­min and min­eral sus­pects found in deep green plant foods— B vi­ta­mins,

carotenoids, mag­ne­sium, and vi­ta­min C— chlorella also con­tains some po­tent fl avonoid nu­tri­ents, in­clud­ing lutein, which is im­por­tant for eye health. Chlorella also con­tains a rare xan­tho­phyll, a type of carotenoid that, like beta- carotene, has vi­ta­min A ac­tiv­ity.


Bar­ley grass and wheatgrass are min­eral- rich green veg­eta­bles. They help fi ght infl am­ma­tion as­so­ci­ated with

arthri­tis and are great for en­hanc­ing detox­ifi cation. These juices have been used suc­cess­fully by nat­u­ral medicine to aid in heal­ing from al­ler­gies, arthri­tis, asthma, chronic fa­tigue, con­sti­pa­tion, skin in­juries or in­fec­tions from fun­gus or bac­te­ria, and yeast in­fec­tions. Juice from grass is loaded with chloro­phyll, which im­proves in­testi­nal mo­bil­ity— the abil­ity of the mus­cu­lar in­testi­nal wall to move waste out of the body through bowel move­ments. Most green juice con­verts who tend to­ward con­sti­pa­tion no­tice quick re­lief from this prob­lem. Stud­ies show that green grass juices and other green foods can de­crease the ab­sorp­tion of toxic chem­i­cals, such as diox­ins, through the walls of the in­tes­tine into the body.

BN: What if I al­ready eat lots of veg­gies— should I still take green sup­ple­ments? DS: Defi nitely— you sim­ply can’t get benefi cial phy­to­chem­i­cals as­so­ci­ated with al­gae, sea­weeds, and grasses from diet alone.

BN: What about matcha ( green tea pow­der)— is this a green su­per­food too? DS: Ab­so­lutely! Both green tea and matcha are won­der­ful ad­di­tions to any diet that is al­ready green to start with. In gen­eral, green tea ( and matcha) will be pretty pow­er­ful pro­tec­tion against ev­ery dis­ease that plagues hu­man be­ings in First World na­tions, es­pe­cially car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease, can­cer, and Alzheimer’s dis­ease.

BN: Can you share a few tips for buy­ing and us­ing these pow­ders? DS: If you’ve never used a green foods pow­der, start with a green foods blend, and take it on an empty stom­ach when pos­si­ble ( this in­cludes with a morn­ing smoothie). Also, con­sider pur­chas­ing prod­ucts made us­ing low- heat pro­cess­ing, which re­tain more nu­tri­ents than other types of pow­ders.


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