You can’t get more fl avor­ful than this Thai salad that blends sweet, salty, sour, astrin­gent, bit­ter, and pun­gent


A Taste of Thai You can’t get more fla­vor­ful than this Thai salad that blends sweet, salt y, sour, astrin­gent, bit­ter, and pun­gent.

Chef Jeanette’s cre­ative twist on the clas­sic Thai green pa­paya salad is un­be­liev­ably fresh and light, but balanced with an out- of- this- world fi sh sauce that gives the whole thing just the right amount of body. Thai food spe­cial­izes in com­bin­ing 6 tastes in one dish, and this one de­liv­ers on that prom­ise: sweet, salty, sour, astrin­gent, bit­ter, and pun­gent notes all com­min­gle in one big bowl of spring­time de­li­cious­ness! — Dr. Jonny

Thai Fresh Salad

Serves 8 If you don’t have a spi­ral slicer, use the grater at­tach­ment of your food pro­ces­sor in­stead. Sim­ply quar­ter and core the ap­ple and slice the cu­cum­ber, zuc­chini, and ji­cama or green pa­paya into pieces that fit into the feeder, and feed through to grate. If you don’t have a spi­ral­izer or food pro­ces­sor, you can grate the in­gre­di­ents by hand. DRESS­ING 1 jalapeño pep­per, seeded and quar­tered ( use less for less heat, in­clude the seeds for more heat) 1 large clove gar­lic, crushed 3 Tbs. Thai fish sauce ( avail­able in the

eth­nic sec­tion of large gro­ceries) 3 Tbs. palm sugar ( or Lakanto for 0 carbs),

or to taste Juice of 2 limes ( about 2 ½ Tbs.) SALAD 1 English cu­cum­ber, un­peeled 1 small zuc­chini, un­peeled 1 green ap­ple, un­peeled 1 small ji­cama, green pa­paya, or yel­low

squash, peeled 1 cup grated car­rots ½ lime 1 medium ripe mango, peeled, pit­ted, and

juli­enned 1 bunch ci­lantro, chopped, op­tional ½ cup roasted peanuts, crushed, op­tional Com­bine dress­ing in­gre­di­ents in food pro­ces­sor, and process un­til con­tents are liq­ue­fied and well- blended, scrap­ing down sides as nec­es­sary. Set aside.

Trim ends off cu­cum­ber and zuc­chini, and slice in half length­wise. Place firmly into spi­ral slicer, and spi­ral­ize into bowl. Slice off just enough ap­ple and ji­cama or pa­paya ends to fit neatly into slicer, and re­peat, clear­ing out blade as nec­es­sary.

Col­lect spi­ral­ized pro­duce in large strainer, and add car­rots. Squeeze juice of ½ lime over all, toss gen­tly, and al­low ex­tra juices to drain off for a few min­utes.

Trans­fer salad to large bowl. Add pre­pared dress­ing, mango, and ci­lantro, and toss gen­tly to com­bine. Sprin­kle with peanuts, if us­ing, and serve im­me­di­ately.

Per serv­ing: 90 cal; 2g prot; 0g to­tal fat ( 0g sat fat); 23g carb; 0mg chol; 280mg sod; 5g fiber; 15g sug­ars

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