Harissa Roasted Salmon

This sim­ple “tray meal” packs a nu­tri­tional— and spicy— punch


This sim­ple “tray meal” packs a nu­tri­tional— and spicy— punch.

Harissa is a hot chili sauce that’s com­mon in North Africa, made from to­ma­toes, pa­prika, and red hot chili pep­pers. Yes, it’s got a fi ery bite, but as Chef Jean­nette points out, it’s re­ally a com­plex fl avor, not at all like straight- up pep­pers. The lemon and honey calm its fi ery edge in this true “tray meal.”

For those of you— like me— who are new to the term “tray meal,” it refers to a sim­ple meal that you broil or roast on one tray in a short pe­riod of time. In other words, sim­plic­ity it­self, which is al­ways a good thing in a recipe.

It’s worth not­ing that as­para­gus is packed with pro­tein and light on calo­ries. A cup con­tains a mere 40 calo­ries, but over 4 grams of pro­tein— not to men­tion 1.5 mg of iron and more than 400 mg of heart- healthy potas­sium ( take that, ba­nanas!). — Dr. Jonny 2 Tbs. olive or

melted co­conut oil, di­vided

2 tsp. harissa paste, or to taste

2 Tbs. honey 2 10- oz. salmon steaks

1 lb. fe­male as­para­gus ( the thicker ones),

trimmed and sliced into

2- inch pieces

¼ tsp. salt

¼ tsp. black pep­per

1 lemon, quar­tered

¼ cup chopped fresh cilantro, op­tional Pre­heat oven to 400° F. Line shal­low roast­ing pan with foil, and set aside.

In small bowl, mix to­gether 1 tsp. oil, harissa paste, and honey. Brush fish all over with harissa mix­ture, and place on one half of pre­pared pan.

In medium bowl, toss as­para­gus with re­main­ing oil, salt, and pep­per, and ar­range on other half of roast­ing pan. Nes­tle lemon quar­ters among filets and as­para­gus.

Roast 10– 12 min­utes, or un­til fish is just cooked through. To serve, di­vide each filet in half, and re­move cen­ter bones ( and skin, if de­sired), add ¼ of as­para­gus and ¼ roasted lemon, and gar­nish with cilantro, if us­ing.

Per serv­ing: 290 cal; 31g prot; 12g to­tal fat ( 1.5g sat fat); 15g carb; 80mg chol; 220mg sod; 3g fiber; 11g su­gar

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