Don’t Sweat It

Nat­u­ral de­odor­ants that eff ec­tively stop odor with­out clog­ging up your body’s elim­i­na­tion sys­tem


Nat­u­ral de­odor­ants that ef­fec­tively stop odor with­out clog­ging up your body’s elim­i­na­tion sys­tem.

It’s healthy to sweat— per­spir­ing is your body’s way of reg­u­lat­ing tem­per­a­ture, fl ush­ing out toxins, and bal­anc­ing salt lev­els. But we could all do with­out the smell.

Con­ven­tional an­tiper­spi­rants work by plug­ging sweat ducts with com­pounds such as alu­minum chlorhy­drate or alu­minum zir­co­nium. The prob­lem is that the toxins that would nor­mally come out of these sweat ducts back up in your body. Plug­ging up your sweat ducts is like plug­ging up your car’s ex­haust sys­tem. In ad­di­tion, these in­gre­di­ents can cause skin ir­ri­ta­tion, itch­ing, and red­ness.

Nat­u­ral de­odor­ants, on the other hand, use min­eral salts and/ or bak­ing soda to neu­tral­ize the odor of sweat, and or­ganic corn­starch to eff ec­tively ab­sorb mois­ture. They are for­tifi ed with an­timi­cro­bial prop­er­ties of tea tree oil and other es­sen­tial oils, and nat­u­ral odor- fi ght­ing and fra­grant herbal ex­tracts, such as sage, lichen, lemon­grass, and co­rian­der. They may in­clude aloe gel and chamomile ex­tract to soothe sen­si­tive un­der­arm skin.

Keep in mind that nat­u­ral de­odor­ants don’t prom­ise to keep you dry, only odor- free. They may also ac­tu­ally aid the body’s elim­i­na­tion process. “When switch­ing to nat­u­ral de­odor­ants your body may go through a detox­ifi cation phase af­ter years of chem­i­cally de­rived de­odor­ants hold­ing back the bac­te­ria in your armpits,” says herbal­ist Maile Melcher, who hand­crafts plant- based Prana Po­tions Deodor­ant Crème. “Un­less there is ir­ri­ta­tion, stick with a nat­u­ral deodor­ant for two to three weeks to al­low your body to ad­just.”

1 Avoid nasty chem­i­cals and be odor- free with Alaf­fia Co­conut Reishi Char­coal Deodor­ant. Sooth­ing co­conut, nour­ish­ing reishi, odor- neu­tral­iz­ing char­coal, pu­ri­fy­ing neem, and pro­tec­tive shea but­ter won’t clog your pores or ir­ri­tate sen­si­tive skin. The solid stick is non- stain­ing and comes in Berg­amot, Co­conut, Laven­der, and Ve­tiver scents.

2 Smell fresh all day with Crys­tal In­vis­i­ble Solid Deodor­ant Stick. This new stick glides on smooth and mois­tur­izes the del­i­cate un­der­arm skin. Es­sen­tial oils and odor- ab­sorb­ing bak­ing soda give 24- hour odor pro­tec­tion with­out stick­i­ness, stain­ing, or flak­ing. Avail­able in Un­scented, Vanilla Jas­mine, Laven­der & White Tea, and Chamomile & Green Tea.

3 Switch to or­ganic pit pro­tec­tion with Dr. Mer­cola Or­ganic Deodor­ant. This herbal, ve­gan, non- toxic stick is made with bak­ing soda, or­ganic ar­row­root pow­der, cold pressed 100% or­ganic vir­gin co­conut oil, and or­ganic car­nauba wax. Pick from Un­scented, Laven­der, and Fresh va­ri­eties; the Laven­der and Fresh scents also con­tain es­sen­tial oils.

4 Oily, prob­lem, and sen­si­tive skin can rely on Nu­bian Her­itage African Black Soap 24 Hour Deodor­ant to stay fresh. Detox­i­fy­ing African black soap made with palm ash, tamarind ex­tract, and plan­tain peel, as well as shea but­ter, soothes sen­si­tive skin. Corn­starch and sil­ica ab­sorb sweat.

5 Get hard- work­ing odor pro­tec­tion with Sch­midt’s Char­coal + Mag­ne­sium Min­eral En­riched Nat­u­ral

Deodor­ant. Mag­ne­sium, bak­ing soda, and ar­row­root pow­der help neu­tral­ize odor and soak up wet­ness. Eas­ily ab­sorbed, the stick glides on with­out a greasy or sticky feel.

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