Find­ing Your Food Path

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I’ve been the edi­tor of Bet­ter Nutri­tion for 12 years this month. I’m con­tin­u­ally pre­sented with all types of re­search, books, ex­perts, prod­ucts, etc. It’s one of the things I love most about this job— I’m ex­posed to diff er­ent per­spec­tives on health, and I’m al­ways learn­ing some­thing new.

What I’ve found most chal­leng­ing— and still do— is how to deal with op­pos­ing view­points when it comes to food and sup­ple­ments. There are so many schools of thought sur­round­ing what we should/ shouldn’t eat. And confl ict­ing stud­ies com­pli­cate the mat­ter even more.

Our nu­tri­tional phi­los­o­phy is pretty sim­ple— we be­lieve in a whole- food diet that em­pha­sizes the clean­est food choices pos­si­ble ( e. g., or­ganic, non- GMO, grass- fed). Our recipes are not scru­ti­nized for fat or carb grams, but for the pu­rity of their in­gre­di­ents. Within this ide­ol­ogy, how­ever, there still ex­ist many con­trary opin­ions.

We want to help you fi nd your own food path amid the diet dis­sent. That’s why we fea­ture a va­ri­ety of ex­perts, from The Truth About Beauty au­thor and lep­tin ex­pert Kat James, who en­dorses a high- fat, very low- carb diet ( p. 52), to chef and nutri­tion coach Lisa Turner, who avoids lim­it­ing any one food group from recipes ( p. 60).

For ex­am­ple, I know that I’m some­one who will never elim­i­nate meat from my diet. I don’t eat meat ev­ery day, but I feel good when I eat it, and it doesn’t cause di­ges­tive dis­com­fort the way cer­tain other foods do, such as wheat or soy. That’s just my body. I have friends whose lives were changed by giv­ing up meat. They never felt bet­ter.

What mat­ters most is how par­tic­u­lar foods make you feel, and what your gut tells you. Ex­pe­ri­ence and in­tu­ition are the most pow­er­ful tools when it comes to fi nd­ing your op­ti­mal diet. Here’s to en­joy­ing your food and fi nd­ing peace around what­ever you de­cide to eat.

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