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If you’re look­ing to boost your col­la­gen in­take, Dr. Axe Multi- Col­la­gen Pro­tein pow­der could be just what you’re look­ing for. Most col­la­gens on the mar­ket fea­ture only one source of col­la­gen, but Dr. Axe Multi Col­la­gen Pro­tein fea­tures five col­la­gen types from four dif­fer­ent sources! Dr. Axe Multi Col­la­gen Pro­tein in­cludes hy­drolyzed bovine col­la­gen pep­tides, chicken bone broth col­la­gen con­cen­trate, hy­drolyzed fish col­la­gen pep­tides and eggshell mem­brane col­la­gen, fea­tur­ing col­la­gen Type I, II, III, V and X. Odor­less, taste­less and easy- to- mix Dr. Axe Multi Col­la­gen Pro­tein can be added to a wide va­ri­ety of healthy foods and bev­er­ages.

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