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“Women are light, we’re hope, we’re com­pas­sion.”

An in­te­gra­tive physi­cian for nearly 35 years and a pioneer in nat­u­ral, bioiden­ti­cal hor­mone ther­apy, Pru­dence Hall, MD ( the­hall­cen­ter. com), has some very sim­ple ad­vice: “Live your life to the fullest— make your life mat­ter, it’s pre­cious— and if some­thing doesn’t work, don’t whine but work hard to fi x it.”

Af­ter help­ing many pa­tients over­come their health chal­lenges, Hall ran into a big one of her own: how to reach and help more peo­ple than she can see in her prac­tice. “The mis­ery I see is pro­found,” she says. Em­bark­ing on an ex­panded mis­sion of en­hanc­ing not just the phys­i­cal health of oth­ers, but bring­ing more en­light­en­ment and love to the world, she wrote a book, Ra­di­ant Again & For­ever, and be­gan lec­tur­ing ex­ten­sively. On a per­sonal level, Hall re­al­ized that it’s vi­tal to un­der­stand what brings you joy and to do those things, and be­gan sur­round­ing her­self with like- minded peo­ple, from spir­i­tual lead­ers to work­out bud­dies. And, she keeps her hor­mones bal­anced to youth­ful lev­els. For women of child- bear­ing age, she em­pha­sizes, “Don’t take birth con­trol pills; they dis­rupt hor­mone bal­ance pro­foundly.” .

Per­sonal Fa­vorites

HEALTHY FOOD: Brus­sels sprouts PHYS­I­CAL AC­TIV­ITY: Yoga and weight train­ing WAY TO UN­WIND: Sit­ting in a mas­sage chair in front of a fi re and lis­ten­ing to ethe­real mu­sic

Top Healthy Habits

Spend­ing close to an hour daily on phys­i­cal ex­er­cise and med­i­ta­tion In­ter­mit­tent fast­ing on four days of the week Do­ing things that are emo­tion­ally nour­ish­ing


Cus­tom­ized bioiden­ti­cal hor­mones, vi­ta­mins C and D, mela­tonin and mag­ne­sium at night, and cus­tom­ized nu­tri­tional for­mu­las as needed.

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