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These be­fore- and- af­ter photos at right show what hap­pened to 44- year- old Britt McMartin when she stopped skip­ping meals and started a high- fat, very- low- carb reg­i­men. Here are the thoughts she shared about her ex­pe­ri­ences with fast­ing and meal skip­ping: “Since high school, I was on a pat­tern of starve- binge. A roller- coaster. I did not re­al­ize that I’d been per­pet­u­at­ing the prob­lem each time I skipped or de­layed meals, which just made my re­bound eat­ing worse. I could not have es­caped the pat­tern, though, had I not also let go of the myths of calo­rie- count­ing and low- fat diets. It’s amaz­ing how mis­led we can be­come, and it came to af­fect ev­ery as­pect of my life and even my abil­ity to con­ceive.” In our June is­sue, we’ll share Britt’s full story of how she lost 48 lbs., con­quered her decades- long eat­ing dis­or­der and so­cial anx­i­ety, and re­gained her fer­til­ity, her full head of hair, and more af­ter at­tend­ing an on­line To­tal Trans­for­ma­tion Pro­gram and a Kat James re­treat in Scot­land. There she learned to “read” her body’s sig­nals to main­tain a fat- burn­ing mode and en­joy amaz­ing carb- free, high fat foods, while avoid­ing the hid­den pit­falls of typ­i­cal Pa­leo and keto diets.



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